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Are there any comedy troupes or stand up open mic nights at Bennington? — Asked by Anonymous

We have a raucous handful of students that work in comedy - incredibly smart people that always leave me in stitches.  Bennington offers a couple of outlets, most notably a bimonthly open mic night.  Last year, some students started a comedy evening on one of our house porches - very well attended, but I’m not quite sure if it’s still up and running.  And while there have been murmurs of interest in a comedy/improv troupe, nothing has really gotten off the ground (in my time here, anyways…).  But know that if you have any desire to start a group like this on campus, it is absolutely feasible.  Interest varies from term to term, but there’s almost always something in the works that culminates with a wonderful and unusual evening of funny, funny people.  There are plenty of student contacts that would love to sit down with you and dream up some new experience for comedy@bennington.  

Remember though: there’s always something underneath.  I’ll leave you with a radio project by my dear friend and fellow intern Emily Gaynor on what it means to be a funny woman.  Enjoy!

- Jeremy ‘16

Is there a lot of partying on campus? And if so, are they "good old fashioned fun" parties, or "let's get totally wasted bruh" parties? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes - We have lots of parties on campus. There are bigger house parties, roughly one per weekend, and then smaller parties in people’s rooms. If I’m in the mood (who am I kidding when am I not in the mood) I can always find a party to go to, usually without leaving my house. This past term I hosted a “Safety Party” in my room. I framed my windows and my trimmings with caution tape and covered every surface in my room (floor included) with bubble wrap. I made everyone attending wear a helmet and I played lots of safety related music - (Safety Dance was of course the most played song of the night). I’m choosing not to conform to your two categories of ‘party’ but if you’re looking for either you won’t be disappointed, but I promise parties are plentiful. There is lots of fun to be had. 

- Eliana ‘15

No. I mean, yes there are parties. And the parties party (phenomenology of the party). But the student students, and so I don’t find myself partying. Okay, sorry. It depends what kind of community you are in. Noyes was always pretty quiet on Friday and Saturday nights; people would spend time together watching movies or playing games, but go elsewhere if they felt like partying. We did have a few events which were smaller (“Noyes to Meet You”) which were casual and emphasized mingling over grinding, and tortilla chips over vodka. What I’m saying is, the party scene isn’t in your face and even those of us who don’t want to go wild have spaces to have a good time while still maintaining our sobriety, but more importantly, our dignity.

- Alan ‘15 

Hey! I'm sure you get this a lot. I haven't visited Bennington yet but I have a really good feeling about your school from all I've read about it. The problem is that I'm not a very good high school student, I don't have a very high GPA-- it's actually pretty low. On the plus side, I think I'm a pretty talented actor and highly articulate! I'm not really sure what I'm asking here but I guess it's how much does the low GPA affect an application? Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

Fortunately for you, we give you a bunch of platforms to ~*~shine!~*~ Besides the common app stuff and transcripts, we’d love to see a portfolio of anything you want to share (act for us?), and we’d love to chat (it’s really more of a chat than an interview). SAT/ACT scores are optional, but if you rock them, tell us. If you didn’t, don’t — we really don’t care that much. Strike up a correspondence with a current student if you’d like ( We want to see the whole picture, not just some impressive stats. We were high school students once and we know the numbers aren’t everything.

Okay, so. To answer your question: no clue. It’s a case by case thing. If you’re as talented as you claim, I’d recommend you try and find other ways to show us that you apply yourself. I’m no counselor, but that’s what would worry me about a low GPA in this situation. Prove to us you’re not lazy. Moreover, that you’re enthused. How are you going to do that? That’s on you.

Alan ‘15

Very brief question: some colleges don't allow bed-risers. Does Bennington? Just wondrin' :) — Asked by faeyerotiggular

All the bed frames at Bennington are adjustable so you can make your bed as high or as low as you want. No risers necessary!

Your room is your oyster. 

Eliana ‘15

First Summer Library Trip…
Since I’m spending the summer up here in Bennington, I get to take advantage of Crossett’s fabulous collection! These are the spoils from my first trip - the pic I took was not so hot, so I decided to make it extra ~weird/mysterious/cool?~Nights in the Gardens of Brooklyn - Harvey SwadosWhite Noise - Don DeLilloA Brief History of Curating - Hans Ulrich Obrist <3Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating - Jens HoffmannOn Curating // Interviews with Ten International Curators - Carolee TheaDeath in Venice - dir. Luchino ViscontiRome (Discs 1-5)Thelma & Louise - dir. Ridley ScottWill let you know what I think of these guys once I’m finished soaking them all up. Me and Hans are already inseparable.Happi reading,- Sarah ‘15 

First Summer Library Trip…

Since I’m spending the summer up here in Bennington, I get to take advantage of Crossett’s fabulous collection! These are the spoils from my first trip - the pic I took was not so hot, so I decided to make it extra ~weird/mysterious/cool?~

Nights in the Gardens of Brooklyn - Harvey Swados
White Noise - Don DeLillo
A Brief History of Curating - Hans Ulrich Obrist <3
Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating - Jens Hoffmann
On Curating // Interviews with Ten International Curators - Carolee Thea
Death in Venice - dir. Luchino Visconti
Rome (Discs 1-5)
Thelma & Louise - dir. Ridley Scott

Will let you know what I think of these guys once I’m finished soaking them all up. Me and Hans are already inseparable.

Happi reading,
- Sarah ‘15 

It&#8217;s finals-time at Bennington which means 

But Memorial Day weekend is coming up!! What&#8217;s on your schedule? Going anywhere fun? Drop us a line?

It’s finals-time at Bennington which means 


But Memorial Day weekend is coming up!! What’s on your schedule? Going anywhere fun? Drop us a line?

So, are there any large concert venues close to Bennington? — Asked by rhuhuz

Well, you’d probably have a hard time finding a large concert venue here in Bennington, VT, but you could take a 40 min drive to MASS MoCA and see someone like Beck this summer or take another 40 min drive to Albany and check out some venues there as well. 

If you have a car it works out pretty well! I’d say it’s pretty wise of you to make friends with cars…at least one… (only kind of joking ;)) 

~Doug ‘16~

Hey! What is Pre-O? — Asked by Anonymous

What is Pre-O you say? Well, let me tell you about the magical experience which is the Pre-Orientation Trip. This is an optional trip you can take before Orientation starts in the fall. You get to campus 4 days early and then spend 4 days and 3 nights hiking or canoeing depending on what trip you want. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new freshman (you’ll be in a group of about 10), hang out with some super cool, good-looking upper classmen and have a really wonderful, awesome trip in the great outdoors.

I might be a little biased because not only did I have an AMAZING time on my own Pre-O trip, I’m going to be a trip leader this year. So basically y’all should do it so you can spend time with me. But seriously … 

This is a bit out of the realm of Bennington-related questions, but do you have any advice on procrastination? — Asked by Anonymous

I’ve been procrastinating from answering this question for half an hour. Also I’m on Level 17 of Relic Quest so I don’t know if I can help you.

Here’s what some other (less productively-challenged) Wednesday afternoon shifters have to say:

"Change environments"

"Find the right music to listen to"


"Just jump in" 

"Don’t stack your train cars"

"Alternate between doing homework and episodes of Desperate Housewives"

"keep your shoes on"

Hope that helps.

-Eliana ‘15

Because of medical reasons, I can't go skiing, and hiking is a bit of a challenge for me. I'm a bit worried that I may feel a bit left out of group trips/activities. Are there a lot of people who stay back when others go out skiing/hiking/exploring? — Asked by Anonymous

You will not be left out, I promise. Tea parties, homework/ jazz jam sessions, hanging out on the lawn, dramatic readings of children’s books in the library, concerts, performances and star gazing are all examples of activities that don’t necessarily pose a big physical investment. I’ve attached a movie made by a Bennington student about what it’s like to be here. It’s great!

Happy spring,

Sylvia M ‘16

Is there any bathtub in the dorms xD — Asked by Anonymous

Yes. There is.

It may not be like this:


but it won’t be like this either:


And if you’re lucky and here on the right day in May you might see something like this:


-Eliana ‘15


If you’ve been through the application process this year we’ve asked a lot about your interests and the work that you make. So, I figured we should return the favor.

Here at Bennington it’s Long Weekend which means that us students are taking a much deserved break for a few days. Please take this as an invitation to follow in our footsteps. Put down that financial aid document you’ve been thumbing through and relax to the sweet sounds of Hart - a musical project created by two current Bennington sophomores.

(Oh and nodding to the last post I should mention that both members of Hart are indeed bois). 

-Eliana ‘15

i have SO MANY QUESTIONS I HOPE UR READY. so if i want to go to bennington from nyc how do i do that, also are there any malls/shopping centers around bennington, also can a freshman work on plain china (one of the biggest reasons i want to go to bennington wooo), also can you BE in plain china if you go to bennington, also does bennington have literary journals on campus, also are there lots of bugs/insects/roaches etc, also is it cold for most of the year on campus (second message comin soon) — Asked by Anonymous

a) You’ll learn to love the local goodwill and supplement it with online shopping. The nearest mall is in Albany, which is do-able either because a friend with a car is going or because sometimes the school runs a shuttle (we call it Mall-bany (of course, if you are a West Coaster you don’t get the pun because you pronounce it differently)) But why go to that trouble when you can shop in your own bed? And then pick up a package in the mail room? Everyone will be jealous of your cool box that you can walk around with.

b) Plain China is a great reason to come to Bennington. We just launched a new issue today! I worked on it last term and it was a great experience. You need faculty approval to join Plain China, so in a way that sort of excludes first-year students (who haven’t met any faculty yet). But you never know…show your enthusiasm and see what happens. And as for appearing in it, it happens all the time. The Silo, Bennington’s journal, is one of the journals we read. Here is a poem by my friends Laura. Here is my friend Marge’s lil Virginia Woolf inspired diddy.

c) Lastly, sometimes mosquitoes can be a bit much, and there are some bugs but it isn’t too bad. The only roaches we have are the ones we study

Alan ‘15

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We can’t wait to see you in the Fall :)

Alana = Bennington!
Stop sitting on that bench and come join the fun!

Behind the scenes, behind the sleeves of a goofy video from Thursday morning shift! Enjoy!

-Alana and Arden

Regular Decision Decisions (??) come out tonight&#8230;guess who&#8217;s going to be in the office&#8230;&#8230;that&#8217;s right&#8230;.get in? don&#8217;t get in? GIVE US A CALL
Your admissions hotline (and we mean *hot*)
&#8212; Alan &amp; Parke (we&#8217;ll be here 8&#160;pm to 10:30&#160;pm EST&#8230;waiting oh so patiently&#8230;)PS they let us order a pizza and it has feta

Regular Decision Decisions (??) come out tonight…guess who’s going to be in the office……that’s right….get in? don’t get in? GIVE US A CALL

Your admissions hotline (and we mean *hot*)

— Alan & Parke (we’ll be here 8 pm to 10:30 pm EST…waiting oh so patiently…)

PS they let us order a pizza and it has feta