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when you mean our arrival time is Tuesday, August 26, 9:00 am–4:00 pm is that the arrival of the plane at the airport or our arrival to campus? — Asked by Anonymous

These times reference when you are able to move into your room on campus. If you are flying keep in mind Albany is about an hour drive from campus. Arrange your flight time according to how much time you think you will need to begin getting unpacked. After 4:00pm the orientation fun begins! 

See you in August!

Genelle ‘15

Hey guys! Can you tell me anything about Bennington's Ultimate Frisbee team? — Asked by Anonymous

Hey there! 

The Bennington Ultimate team has become a staple on campus in the last few years and can be seen throughout the week (when weather permits)  out on the field running drills or having practice games. Our ultimate team hosts and competes in tournaments across New England and the Mid-Atlantic, including USA Ultimate-sanctioned events such as the Northeast Classic and North New England D-III Conferences. The team describes themselves as grizzly guys and gals getting together to huck the ‘bee and have a good time. You can be a casual Frisbee player or eat, sleep, and breathe Frisbee on this team. Check out their facebook page, Bennington Ultimate.

Genelle ‘15

Will I have the chance to study for the GRE at Bennington? — Asked by Anonymous

Ah yes the GRE…

I am a junior this year and plan to begin studying for the GRE this summer. The goal is to continue prepping through fall term and take the test in the winter of 2015. I feel confident that beginning in the summer and studying through the term will give me enough time to get prepared. With that being said I think taking advantage of the breaks from classes, like summer or FWT, will be extremely helpful in terms of having the time to devote to studying.

Our library, Crossett, also has a lot of GRE study materials available to help you out. 

Happy Studying!


Genelle ‘15

Hi Genelle who just truly awesomely answered my question: I just wanna say thanks because it was left unanswered so long I thought I got ignored! — Asked by Anonymous

No Problem! I am always down to chat about science ;) Please keep the science questions coming!


Genelle ‘15

I am freaking out over applying to Bennington!!!! I fell in love with the school and I'm afraid I wont get accepted!!! Any tips? — Asked by Anonymous

Yay!!! Here are some things the Friday interns thought might be helpful:

Be you- talk about what gets you going, talk about what keeps you up at night

Be thoughtful and take time with your application- set up an interview with an admissions counselor 

Get excited about your college search and the applications. This process is all about finding the right place for you… explore and ask questions :)

excited geese

Genelle ‘15

Awesome interns, may I say that as I looked through the curriculum website, I thought the sciences course selection was rather.. poor. I hope science-related majors do get a great education? I know about (and love) the way the Plan allows students to explore and research on their own, but the nature of science requires some, uhm, formal education I think. And do we have exchange programs with another school? Study aboard programs? I had difficulty finding info on these as well. — Asked by Anonymous

Hey there!

So, being a science student (I study Neuroscience and Chemistry) I think I can help answer this question. I came to Bennington expecting to study Gender and Environmental Studies, however I found myself falling in love with science at Bennington. My advanced research at Bennington focuses on developing a neuronal map for the action of alarm pheromones in cockroaches. I am actively pursuing a career as a research scientist and I am conducting research not only at Bennington but I have had internships at Harvard, the University of Vermont, and Brandeis.

Science at Bennington is unlike many other programs because students engage in dialogue with the scientific community from day one. Bennington professors immerse you in reading primary literature, analyzing methods, and speculating ‘do next’  research questions from the get-go. In my opinion the faculty here can not be beat. Not only are my professors constantly producing their own research, but they spend hours helping me pursue my own research interests and allow my research goals to become reality.

I think what can be a little hard when digging through the curriculum, especially with science classes, is looking past the names. One example being Betsy Sherman’s (the best professor) How Animals Work course. By the name, you wouldn’t necessarily know how rigorous of Bio class it is. Nonetheless, the class dives deep into the world of animal physiology, including the creation of an independent research project inspired by a scientific journal article the students have read that term.

In terms of the science curriculum I feel completely confident I am receiving a top notch background in science. When I graduate I will have completed all required courses for medical school and Neuroscience graduate school. I have also been able to communicate with many alums which have really confirmed my Bennington science education, including Amar Sahay ‘97, a neuroscientist and professor at Harvard Medical School, Tambu Kudze ‘10 who is beginning her first year of medical school at Yale, and two other alums were recently accepted to graduate school at John Hopkins.

I think Bennington does an amazing job at allowing students to develop their own ability to think as a scientist, find individual interests, and give students the educational backing to be competent members of the scientific community. I hope this has helped address your concern with the Bennington Science curriculum.

For any kind of Study Away program you are interested in while at Bennington I would contact Kendra Ericson (, and she can help you find the right program. As far exchange programs we are part of the Another Vermont Independent College (AVIC) program, where you can apply to spend a term studying at numerous other institutions in Vermont, and we have exchange programs with Williams College and Southern Vermont College. Study Aboard is full of opportunities and Academic Services can guide you to begin the search!

Genelle ‘15


Science at Bennington- the faculty

So does the college help us get work for FWT or are we on our own? — Asked by Anonymous

The staff members of the FWT office are amazing. They are so helpful, and ready to help you dig in and find possible sites that interest you. The FWT office organizes a database called Worklink which allows students to search through current job postings and past FWT positions to help in the search. Besides setting up a meeting with an FWT advisor or browsing on  Worklink many students do seek out positions on their own. It all depends on what you what you want from FWT and where you want to be.

Personally, I obtained my first FWT position through Worklink at the Boston School for Guitar, and my second and third I set up solo (both at a Neuroscience stem cell lab).

Genelle ‘15

Does Bennington offer many beginning vocal classes? I'm a classical musician who cannot sing at all but would love to learn how — Asked by Anonymous

One vocal class offered at Bennington almost every term is Sacred Harp. This is a great intro vocal class where you can begin to test out the waters. This fall there is also a Beginning Voice class in which you can “Take your voice out of the shower and into the world.” As you feel more comfortable with your voice and want to advance, Bennington also offers Intermediate and Advanced Voice courses.

Check out the Music section of the Bennington Curriculum!

Music at Bennington

Genelle ‘15

two trivial but important questions: 1. where do I buy official Bennington apparel i.e. sweatshirts? i can't find them anywhere on the website and the cafepress ones i found online don't look too legit. 2. can you order takeout to be delivered to campus? and as a followup, is there any good chinese food within driving distance from Bennington? hopefully see you guys next year!! :D — Asked by Anonymous

Hey there,

You can order Bennington swag through the bookstore (Bennington Bookstore) 

I’m currently into the Bennington College baby onesies.

As for delivery we have multiple pizza places which deliver (check out Ramuntos they have great deals for students) and two Chinese places in town. I prefer Lucky Dragon which is downtown, but there is also China Wok so you do have options. Williamstown, just a short 20 minute drive, has an awesome Thai place as well.


Genelle ‘15

Spring Dodgeball Tournament! | Facebook

Dodge, Dip, Dive, Duck, and Dodge! Check out the photos from the latest Dodgeball tournament! There is a Dodgeball league every term culminating in a giant showdown which bring many back to the good ole days of middle school. The teams consist of house teams, friend groups, and several Campus Safety officers looking for a little friendly competition, but mostly looking to have a lot of fun.

Genelle ‘15

Good Morning from Bangladesh. I just got in with an awesome financial aid package. I am in euphoria! And thanks a lot for you guys' support & encouragement til this moment. — Asked by Anonymous


WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! See you Fall 2014!

Genelle ‘15

Hey, I'm looking at Bennington but I've heard that programs don't always run. I was wondering how your Psychology program is! What kind of curriculum does it have? Also, what type of personalities are at Bennington? And are people welcoming to Freshmen? Also, are there any mandatory classes that freshmen have to take? Lastly, what jobs have people gotten that have graduated from the Psych program at Bennington? Thanks! -Sara — Asked by Anonymous

Hey Sara,

Studying psychology at Bennington is what’s up! We have two full time psych professors, David Anderegg and Ron Cohen, and every once in a while we have a few visiting faculty members stop by and teach additional classes. Bennington offers more “traditional” psychology courses like Normality and Abnormality, and Developmental Psychology. However, we also offer more specific courses like the Social Construction of Silence, the Psychology of Creativity, and my personal favorite, Human Natures. Human Natures is a mixture of evolutionary psychology and Biology, and some of the discussed topics are the nature of altruism, aggression, and reconciliation. This class also allows students to create and conduct a research study geared through personal interests. Check out some other classes ( )!

As for life after Bennington, my friend Dani, who is studying psychology and graduating this spring, is actually going through the process of looking for jobs right now. She has received a job offer from a group home specializing in youth with behavioral problems as a behavioral counselor, and she has a few upcoming interviews with several therapeutic communities as a residential specialist.

Personalities at Bennington vary greatly at Bennington, you know, being home to the most special snowflakes. In fact, during today’s shift at admissions we have an INTJ, INFJ, ENTJ, and 2 ENFJs Myers-Briggs personality types working. As for freshmen, my personal experience people are extremely welcoming! There is no grade separation in houses or classes so people tend to blend quite naturally into communities and friend groups.

Bennington is also proud to be mandatory class free! However, I recommend a science course with Betsy Sherman ;)

Genelle ‘15

Recap of favorite Fall 2013 final projects from the Friday afternoon shift

Chloe ‘16 studies the mind body connection through the lens of psychology and dance. Her fav final last term was writing a paper about the meaning of life for her philosophy class. 

Julia ‘15 focuses on how culture informs medical systems and healthcare policy. She primarily studies Biology, Anthropology, and History. Julia investigated women’s use of abortive herbs during the middle ages in her Women in Science history course.

Genelle ‘15 studies Neuroscience and Chemistry with specific interest in the molecular mechanisms behind behavior. Conducting research about the escape behavior of cockroaches was definitely the highlight of the Fall 2013 finals season for her.

Anuskha ‘14 studies Literature and Spanish. She compiled an extensive portfolio of translations of selections from Cortazar’s Historias de cronopios y de famas for the Art of Literary Translations. 

Rachel ‘14 studies Political Science and Gender, with a touch of Visual Art. Rachel put together a portfolio of mixed media drawings that expressed connections between patterns, space, and the body.