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Is there enough space under the beds to fit a trunk or other storage containers? Also, how large are the closets in the colonial houses? This is a storage emergency! — Asked by Anonymous

The beds are on adjustable legs, so they can touch the floor, or be up high enough that you can store a mini-fridge and dresser under there.  A trunk will absolutely fit.  The colonial closets vary a lot in size; mine is like 3’x4’ right now, my last one was smaller, a friend of mine has one he could put a mattress in.  It’s kind of a crapshoot.  That said… you almost certainly don’t need as much stuff as you think you do.  And keep in mind that a crowded room will affect your roommate’s quality of life as well as your own.  

-Ray ‘15

Can we use tacks on the walls for pictures? Or is that frowned upon.. — Asked by Anonymous

I sincerely hope it isn’t frowned upon because I just hung up, like, three posters in my room using tacks…


kagan ‘16

what if I want to spend winter break on campus with a friend? can that person stay in my room? thanks a lot! — Asked by Anonymous

Campus is closed for winter break, and students actually have to move out by 3pm on December 13. 


kagan ‘16


So, the queue is packed with questions about the houses, personalities, hypotheticals, logistics and more. In the past we haven’t given out any “spoilers” on which type of house it better, what Booth is like, pros and cons etc. because:

Bennington is a place where everyone has an individual experience.

Kagan has lived in 4 houses, I have lived in 2, Sarah has lived one. My experience in my two houses has been vastly different than someone else who has lived in the same two houses. It’s the most beautiful and most frustrating thing about Bennington.


Check out India K’s lovely room series to see some examples of some selected rooms around campus. Watch these tours of houses, however the students who live in those houses have changed and thus the houses have changed since they were filmed. 

On a similar note: I urge you to ask those questions in the Facebook group as there are more students and staff looking at that page. 

Finally, call us! And not just Admissions, call Student Life for housing questions (802-440-4330) and Academic Services for schedule questions (802-440-4400).  We are really friendly - we love talking on the phone, so please call us. 


I'm considering applying to Bennington as a transfer student for the Spring '15 semester. I'm on the "older" side (I'll be 24 by then), and I've already completed half of a writing degree at the University of Michigan. Are there rules about having alcohol in the houses? (I'm not an alcoholic, but I am a writer, and I'm legal, so yeah). I have a dog whom I absolutely cannot leave at home - can he come with me to Bennington? Are there off-campus housing options that might be more dog-friendly? — Asked by Anonymous

You’re in luck! If you come in when you are over 24 then you are allowed to live off-campus automatically. So, find an apartment near North Bennington that allows dogs and I can guarantee that having a dog will mean that you have lots of students who want to be your friend (myself included). 

There are rules for alcohol in the housing. If you’re over 21 then you’re allowed to have and consume alcohol in your room as long as everyone else around you is of legal age. 

Hope that helps! If you have any more questions, feel free to email me.


When will we be getting our roommate and housing info? — Asked by Anonymous

from Kate’s post in the Class of 2018 Facebook group:


so sometime next week, depending on where you live. It’s via mail, so if your roommate lives closer than you do, expect them to be hitting you up on Facebook or something.

kagan “roommate” ‘16







Hey, hows it going? Filling out the Housing questionnaire and I was curious as to what the different quiet hour situations are like. — Asked by t9f

Pretty good!  Finals have us fried, but that’s a given.  How about you?

Quiet hours are set in each house’s community agreement each term, and are thus subject to change.  Franklin is traditionally an all-the-time quiet house; Woolley, Noyes, and Welling have formal quiet hours which are pretty reliable.  Perkins is pretty quiet too.  Most of the rest of us use courtesy rules, which means that we set different quiet hours every term by consensus.  In my house (McCullough) this term we’re supposed to be quiet from 11pm-8am on weeknights and 2pm-10am on weekends, or something like that.  Then, if someone asks you to please keep it down (at whatever hour) you oblige them because that’s polite.  It’s not exactly an ironclad contract, but we all get along well enough that it works, and honestly, we’re just not that loud.  PB tends to blast the music, Kilpat’s loud, obviously… sorry, I’m not coming with much that’s hard and fast, just some tips.  The situation will likely be different next year, but these are the loose rules I think you can rely on.

-Ray ‘15

May 12th panic

Don’t panic. 

The e-mail was supposed to go out on May 12th. Some kinks are being worked out in the system, and we didn’t want to send you a non-working e-mail. I am told it will be out by the end of the week. 

Be chill, eat a cupcake or some vegan banana ice cream, and don’t worry. Our apologies for the delay.

Sylvia M’16

How do the houses (dorms) at Bennington differ from one another? What special about every single one? This might be a long response, so take your time. Btw. the blog is awesome, it really helped me decide to commit to Bennington. See you in the Fall. — Asked by Anonymous

What makes each house special?
~*~you do~*~

There are some established house traditions, sure, but the communities are malleable and you are going to be one fourth of them. We place students like a cross of okcupid and the sorting hat, so you’ll be in a space that suits your vibe (even if we are picking it for you). Quiet or loud, for example; music-y or lit-y or anything-y, there are all different events specific to houses, but I’m not sure that will help you to know now.

Okay, yes, Alan, but, I want to know actual things.
Too bad! Give it time.

Alan ‘15

What is the difference between all the houses at BC. Can you describe each one? — Asked by Anonymous

There’s 18 houses on campus, plus 2 smaller ones on the edge of campus, plus one house off campus. I will tell you about them ALL! Via arthropomorphization.(made-up word courtesy of campus safety officer Mike, we think it should mean the act of assigning animals to things that are not animals)

First, The Colonials.

Swan — a swan

Woolley — a panda

Stokes — an opossum

Franklin — an owl

Canfield — flock of geese

Dewey — a labrador

Booth — zebras

Kilpat(rick) — an orangutan

Welling — a great blue heron

Bingham — a horse

McCullough — a macaw

Leigh — an indoor/outdoor cat

The 70’s Houses

Sawtell — a turtle

Fels — an ostrich

Noyes — a friendly moth

The New Houses

Perkins — a kangaroo

Merck — New Jersey (credit: Alan Dupont)

Paris-Borden —a golden retriever

Other houses

Shingle — a horseshoe crab

Longmeadow — a wallabee

Townhouse — penguins

Everybody else — a walrus

For you from the small but fiesty Tuesday morning crew.

I am an accepted student and I have a friend who attends B already, can I ask to be their roommate? — Asked by Anonymous

Technically, you can say on your housing form that you wanna be their roommate, but I won’t:

a) guarantee that you will be placed with them

b) recommend that you do this, because you’ll probably be hanging out with this friend anyways and like 60% of the fun of having a roommate is living with and getting to know this stranger you’re sharing a room with.

If you’re really sure you want to room with your friend next year, you can definitely request to do so, but yo it may be cool to live with someone new ??

kagan ‘16

Hello there!! I too am a Freshman coming to Bennington in the fall and I was also wondering about the housing. Will we be able to choose which house we get put into for example the Colonials, Barnes, Woo or do we get placed according to the housing selection form. Thank you!!! :)) — Asked by Anonymous

awesome! you must be so so so excited! 

Just yesterday I answered a similar question about housing, so take a look! 

p.s. on that same housing questionnaire that you’ll be getting soon, there’s a space for you to specify your preference…but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get your choice ! 

See ya in the fall! 

~Doug ‘16~

Hi! So I have three questions -When is freshman move in? -Are freshmen housed together? -How does the roommate match up/housing assignment process work? Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

hey hey, 

so first of all // no such thing as freshman housing! As a first year student, you’ll start off by living in any of the houses on campus with a medley of students. 

As for your other questions, the beginning of orientation is when you can start to move into your room and house. You’ll receive your room key at orientation actually. Orientation starts August 29. Once enrolled, sometime in the summer you’ll be asked to fill out a housing questionnaire (just a short series of questions geared towards figuring out what your lifestyle is like) in order to do our best to match you with a good roommate! 

~Doug ‘16~ 

Say I'm planning to attend in the fall as a freshwoman. When do the processes for housing and course selection take place, and how do they work? — Asked by Anonymous


Housing and course registration for incoming First Year Students will be sent out in the summer, usually around mid-July. 

The housing questionnaire gets pretty in-depth, from favorite type of music to personal cleanliness and stuff like that, and Student Life will then go through each one and set everybody up with what they think would be the best room and house situation. 

The course registration is fairly straightforward. The Dean’s Office will send out a form on which you’ll put around four or five of your top course choices, and then list some alternate courses just in case you don’t make it into one or two of your primary choices. The Fall 2014 hasn’t been released yet, but you can take a look at last fall’s to get a general idea of what kinds of classes are offered.

<3 Kagan ‘16