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Hello, I'm applying to Bennington, but I'm a little confused about the Field Work Term. At the moment I'm planning on majoring in creative writing, but I can't think of any place I would be interested in field work terming. Would it look bad if I said it straight that I'm not sure? And if so, is the FWT limited to placed in the U.S. or the state? — Asked by mobiusringtone

If you need some inspiration, here are two lit-related FWTs just around the office:

Anushka- Random House, helping decide the initial round of possible publications to be looked at by editors. 

Emily- Writopia Lab in NYC, helping to teach kids learn to read and write, and editing their literary magazine. 

If you can’t think of anything. my advice would be to not confine yourself to just the field in which you think you want to study; it’s not uncommon for a first FWT to be a bit unrelated while still informative. Last year, I worked with a non-profit art organization in North Bennington, and while it had nothing to do with Chinese or Animation, it was still a cool experience to get to know the off-campus community and learn about the workings of a locally run and funded non-profit.

So if you’re having trouble imagining a FWT in the realm of creative writing, try thinking of another job you’ve always wanted that may not have much to do with your current area of study. And there’s no limit to where you can go— there have been FWTs all over the world. Just thinking within the office, we’ve got Jeremy going to Japan, and Julia to Mexico. 

Don’t worry~Happy Holiday~

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the website says the for you FWT you can live at home as opposed to having to pay for housing. my parents live in South Carolina and Bennington is in Vermont! how does that work? — Asked by Anonymous

So the thing about Field Work Term is that you’re encouraged to not be on campus. You should be taking your education on the road and finding a job or internship in a local of your choosing. So if you wanted to live with your parents to save money, you could find a 7 week position in South Carolina. Otherwise, the sky’s the limit. You could be in NYC, or Montana, or Africa, etc.

You’ll be on campus in VT from Sept. - Dec. Then You’ll have a Christmas break. Then you’ll go to your FWT job, wherever that may be. And then you’re back to Bennington for spring term, mid Feb. - June.

Hope that helps.


FWTs past and present

We had a question about FWT experiences - where we’ve worked; if we enjoyed them; how they prepared us for life in the real world; whether or not we didn’t like certain jobs, etc. My answer ended up being super long, and the stupid ‘read more’ html isn’t working properly on my answer, so I just figured I’d make a post and the other interns can add their two cents if they wanna!

In the past I have:

  • Worked for the Syracuse Peace Council in Syracuse, NY doing research on hydrofracking and its effect on the environment.
  • Worked at Riddle’s Elephant Sanctuary in Guy, AR as a farmhand and observing elephant training and social behavior.
  • Done an independent study in Bennington, VT on my senior work project, which involved reading a lot of scientific articles about chemoreception and slavemaking in boreal ant colonies.

Theatre Without Borders

One of my two FWT jobs this winter was working for this great organization that works to connect theatre artists internationally. The majority of the work I did for them was organizing and rewriting the content of their website, and the best part of that was, because I needed to learn as much as I could about their organization, anytime someone involved was in NYC, it was my job to go have coffee with them and learn about their work for a couple of hours, and they always picked up the check (which is important even for two cups of coffee in NYC). But obviouslyyyy the best part was getting to meet them, not the free coffee.



Every year Bennington’s Field Work Term office hosts a photo contest. This year we went digital. Check out a slideshow of the winning entries. 

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Every year Bennington’s Field Work Term office hosts a photo contest. This year we went digital. Check out a slideshow of the winning entries. 

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Can you please explain the whole field work thing to me? — Asked by Anonymous

Hey, I’m sure it’s pretty confusing seeing all these posts relating to something you may have never heard of before. Field Work Term is a seven week period in which all Bennington students pursue various out-of-classroom endeavours such as internships or independent studies that relate to the kind of work they are focusing on here at Bennington.

There’s already been loads of information published on the blog so feel free to check out previous posts and the website’s FWT faqs