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What is your architecture program like? also other design classes? do you ever have fashion design classes? — Asked by Anonymous


so sayeth Architect Carlos ‘14.

As far as fashion design goes, some students choose to study that mainly through costume design. Courses on fashion design itself are pretty few and far between, but with a Plan that combines, say, costume design, art history, social science (because hey who doesn’t need that?) and maybe some independent work, fashion design is definitely manageable here.


Is it encouraged to take part in a FWT relatively influenced by your focus of study or rather one quite distant from that focus ? — Asked by Anonymous

I think it’s kind of ok for someone’s first FWT to be a bit out of left field, but it’s preferable to have FWT positions related to what you’re studying, since that’s how you get the more hands-on real world down n dirty of what you may have otherwise only been doing in a classroom setting.


That being said, even if a FWT position doesn’t seem directly related,  it may still be a valuable experience; just because you’re a drama student doesn’t mean that you should do four FWTs with theatre companies. If you can prove that a position is what’s best for you, then go for it, just as long as you can show that you’re thinking about the connections between your education and your experience(s) in the real world.


Sooooo what's the 4G situation on campus? Available? Not available? I love mah 4G :( — Asked by Anonymous



*sometimes Verizon is just ok 

What's the gap year policy for applicants? — Asked by Anonymous

You can defer up to one year while still keeping any financial aid/scholarship packages no problem (unless your financial situation changes, in which case the aid may change a bit). It’s just a box you check on your intent to enroll form. 

If you’re thinking about a gap year, I strongly recommend getting in touch with Sarah, our counselor in charge of gap year stuff at

gap wisely.


Can you guys explain the Plan Process and exactly what that entails? You build your own curriculum and write a paper on it? Do you just say what kind of classes you'll be taking? Thanks. — Asked by Anonymous

Very basically, with the Plan you’re thinking and writing and talking about what exactly you want to do at Bennington. You may be studying physics and literature, but what about those things interests you? Are there any intersections between the two? Maybe you want to get educated in physics so that your science fiction writing can have really solid scientific backing (I don’t know.) Also, and sometimes more importantly, how do you plan on studying these things, through classes, FWTs, outside research, etc. That’s where building and justifying your own curriculum comes in, as well as potential FWTs, maybe even study abroad. 

If you’re still curious, here’s a quick overview of the Plan Process year by year.


How much clothing should we bring? I know that people say "not a lot" but for me a lot would be like one box. So, using boxes as a unit, how much clothing should I bring? — Asked by Anonymous

probably no more than one box


depends on how many outfits you want to have i guess?

-kagan ‘16

Can we use tacks on the walls for pictures? Or is that frowned upon.. — Asked by Anonymous

I sincerely hope it isn’t frowned upon because I just hung up, like, three posters in my room using tacks…


kagan ‘16

Does the post office on campus sell stamps and shipping supplies or would we have to go to another location for that? — Asked by Anonymous

You can get all that stuff here! Envelopes are at the bookstore and bigger boxes you may have to grab from, like, the recycling bin behind Commons, but it is entirely possible to ship something without even thinking about setting foot off campus. 

so simple~!


kagan ‘16

is there still a graffiti wall near / around vapa outside ? — Asked by Anonymous

there is some graffiti on the walls around vapa, but no graffiti wall.  I imagine a graffiti wall may be something that a few students could work out with staff to start up, but as far as I know, if you do graffiti on any wall on campus right now, it’s CRIME. and we’re not big fans of CRIME

kagan ‘16

FWS stuff ayy lmao

Lots of FWS questions. First off, I’ll say that job selection, what’s required, how jobs work, etc. will depend on the position and department. Requirements for working in the Usdan Gallery are different than requirements for working with IT or AV services, and each job will also be different. There’s really no overarching answer as to how getting a job on campus works other than to be proactive. If you haven’t heard back about a position you’ve applied for more than a week ago, I would definitely send an email! Don’t be rude, just remind them that you’re there.

what if I want to spend winter break on campus with a friend? can that person stay in my room? thanks a lot! — Asked by Anonymous

Campus is closed for winter break, and students actually have to move out by 3pm on December 13. 


kagan ‘16

Email us we are bored here!


Write to me and escape! Let’s do some matchmaking.

My name is Alan. I study ~~language and gender/sexuality~~ through playwriting and linguistics; so I’ve studied in education, playwriting, dramatic literature, psychology, Japanese, literature, um, bio twice? Most recently, this has resulted in an original play which I want to call “Trigger Warning: Catharsis” but I’m not gutsy enough so it is called “How Time Bombs Must Feel.” I love the 70s — hence the pina colada song; Really, though, Fleetwood Mac and Harry Nilsson are the best. In high school I was engaged with school just enough to maintain a television addiction. My actual education was in Alias, Buffy, Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY), Battlestar Galactica, The X-Files. But my absolute favorites are In Treatment, Six Feet Under and the Good Wife. I often channel Alica Florrick while making major life decisions. Life goals include seeing all of the 1001 movies you must see before you die, and visiting Tibet. I’m all about horror movies (I watch them whenever I’m depressed — everyone think I’m nuts for this). Email me about how strong female protagonists in television can inform YOUR college decision making process. Or if you have easy recipes that are convenient for the magic bullet. Tea drinker, playwright, scholar. Be my friend!

Im Kagan I like anime and i study animation and Chinese not Japanese lmfao..! please email anime recommendations also cool games NOT Call of DUty also I need to beat this one guy in a pokemon battle so what’s the best pokemon team. g-d bless

Hey, I’m Ray.  I’m headed into my senior work, my plan is in literature and conflict resolution, and it’s all about how fiction affects people’s thoughts on social and political issues.  I’m also a huge history nerd.  The biggest question in my life right now though is how soon I’ll be able to get Dragon Age Inquisition to run on my Mac.  Because my interest in that is… totally about studying how Bioware builds much-needed diversity into a regressive industry, and not at all about smashing things and kissing virtual girls.  That’s possibly the biggest lie I ever told.  Email me if you like cool stories, feminism/queer stuff, smashing things, or… for completeness’ sake I want to also put “kissing girls” but it might come off a little weird.  Er.

Hey, I’m late to the game on personal ads, but here we go…

My name is Alana and I like long walks on the beach and talking late into the night under the stars… just kidding (not really). I am a dancer who is interested in identity and community. When I am not in the dance studios, I could be found in a psychology or education class or outside enjoying nature. I have been recently picking up an old interest in fire spinning and continue to be amazed by the absolutely insane miracle that is the human experience! Email me to talk about your favorite loose leaf tea, your most used Pandora station, everything spirituality wise, anything sexuality,and all things polyamory :)*  

*whether my ad won you over or not, everyone should listen to my new favorite song/video that acted as my summer soundtrack:

I'm interested in either technical theater or art at Bennington and I was wondering if it's necessary to submit a portfolio? If so, what would you recommend including in it? — Asked by Anonymous


my friend the portfolio isn’t required but we’d love one! we love portfolios! I would even go so far as to say we could be considered “Portfolio Fans”! I was really into making comics when I was in high school, so my portfolio consisted of a bunch of comics and pages from my sketchbook. Nothing too fancy, since it was all stuff I did at home outside of class. Include any of that stuff, pictures of your art, a set or prop you helped build, an acting reel, anything. 

"but how the h*ll do i show you all this stuff??" Another intern here, we call him Sweet Jeremy, posted a comprehensive guide to the more technical side of the portfolio submission. for you!

kagan ‘16

Hello! I'm currently going into my senior year at a high school of 520 students. My biggest question is regarding the teacher / student relationship and the student / student relationship. I have befriended multiple of teachers at my current school and I crave that same level of open discussion / friendliness wherever I go next. I also want to know how open the students are because I'm not a huge fan of illegal activities, but I sincerely want to enjoy time with classmates. Thank you! — Asked by strangernightmares

hello my friend

To use the buzzword, our student:faculty ratio is currently 9:1. To use my own words, the relationship between most students and their teachers here is a very open and familiar one; we’re on a first name basis with pretty much all of our teachers. Since all the teachers here are also working professionals in their field, they’re also an amazing resource for both contemporary knowledge and work opportunities, and they’re incredibly open to discuss or meet with you about any concerns you have, projects you’re working on, or just to check in. 

The attention we get from fellow students is also something really valuable here, albeit less talked about. I’m always so surprised by the amount of people that show up to performances, shows, screenings, or gallery openings (to name a few things.) Obviously you’ve got your classmates and fellow film/drama/music/etc students who show up to critically look at your work, but a lot of people just attend these things because it’s the fun thing to do that night. It’s encouraging as a creator or performer to know that you’re not just doing stuff for an empty audience. 

In terms of illegal activities, I’m not entirely sure what you mean. We don’t really have any? It’s so small here that you can’t really get away with stuff like theft or vandalism because you probably don’t want to be known as the campus Crime-man. (Unless you do! that’s fr*cked up!!)


stay vigilant!

kagan ‘16

I am a senior with a strong interest in art. I am planning on applying to Bennington and was wondering if I should include a portfolio. — Asked by Anonymous

oh yes my friend definitely!

After you submit your Common App and Bennington supplement, you should receive an email with instructions on how to access your Application Status Page. This is where you can upload any artwork, sketches, sound files, vids, documents, anything (within a reasonable filesize) for the counselors to see. It’s a little less formal that the usual portfolio, but it’s an awesome way to give us an idea of who you are from the thought process to the finished product. Plus we know a lot of you are doing some pretty cool stuff.

shout out to a lot of you