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Does bennington offer any physical education electives? like yoga or swimming and is there gym with machines to work out? — Asked by Anonymous

Students find ways to exercise from classes to the gym to physical activity outside. There are dance classes each term that offer yoga (check out this class), and the Meyer Rec Barn offers yoga classes, too. The school just purchased new exercise equipment, specifically some great new elliptical machines and treadmills.

For swimming, the Bennington Rec Center in town has a pool, and when I was going regularly a couple terms ago, I was surprised to see how many Bennington students were also there. 

Whatever gets your blood flowing, there will be other students around you who are into the same activity. When the weather is somewhat warmer than it is now, we flock outside to walk, hike, run, play soccer, basketball, or tennis. 

-Kate D. ‘14

Some candid photos of Assistant Director of Student Life and Meyer Rec Barn Proprietor Michiel “Rad Man” Considine doing his “Thing” 

<3 Kagan ‘16

Would you mind posting pictures of the Meyer Recreation Barn and the Crossett Library? I didn't get to see the inside of either of those buildings during my tour, and I would greatly appreciate it! Merci! — Asked by Anonymous

Of course! Funnily enough, the Rec Barn is so tucked away on campus that I’ve known people who have gone to Bennington for all 4 years of college and wouldn’t know what it looks like in their senior year. 

That’s not to say it’s not worth the walk. Far from the truth. It’s got everything you could ask for in, say, a Gold’s Gym or Planet Fitness, except for the $7 Power Shakes. One of my favorite perks is when friends of mine work the desk and DJ while people work out. [shout out to Carlos ‘14] Here are some pictures taken last year. 







As for Crossett, well, it’s not so easy to miss.





Crossett is also host to many too-comfortable chairs and warm blankets (provided by librarians for those extra cold days), and they’ll watch your pet fish over Field Work Term, and order pretty much any book, publication, series, VHS, article…basically, anything you could need for your final paper or weekend movie marathon. For more information on Crossett, take a look at the Crossett Blog, run in part by current senior Clara Rotter-Laitman ‘14.

//Ben ‘14

I know there aren't athletics, but how active are the students? I'm a tennis player and a half marathoner, I'd like to keep that up while attending school, Is there a campus gym? — Asked by Anonymous

Hey fellow athlete! First, we do have athletics, we even have our own athletic department, Bennington Athletic Department (BAD -a poor acronym, I know) We do have a gym, the Rec Barn, which has what you would expect from a typical gym: weight machines, free weights, ellipticals, treadmills etc. There is also a climbing wall and a sauna. I would say the gym is pretty popular on campus, while you probably won’t find the next Heisman Trophy winner there, the gym isn’t empty. 

The main difference between athletics here and at another school is competition. Most athletics here are intramural or pick-up games. People wanting to play for the fun of it. There is also a significant outdoor portion to BAD. The outdoor and climbing clubs run trips and gear rentals for individual trips. 

I run the swimming club which is a club within BAD. The way that I run it is that I go swimming most everyday and if anyone wants to join they are welcome to. I know that volleyball is much the same way, there are pick-up games at specified times during the week and people join. 

There are some sports that do compete against other schools such as soccer, basketball, and fencing. 

If you want to talk more about athletics feel free to email me I would love to talk about being active on campus and beyond. 



Does Bennington offer any yoga classes/is there a yoga studio near by that offers bikram yoga? Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

Yes and maybe? The Rec Barn on campus offers weekly yoga classes and every other term or so there’s a two credit dance class that incorporates yoga and gymnastics. As far as in town (about a 10 minute drive from campus) the two main studios are Karma Cat and The Yoga Place. Neither of them have bikram yoga listed as a regular class but I know they often host special events and weekend workshops so you might be able to get it in then.


-Selina ‘15

Update from bikram enthusiast Erica: There’s a studio in Dorset Hot Yoga that exclusively does bikram. It’s a bit of a longer drive but she highly recommends it!

pictures of the fitness center? — Asked by Anonymous

Kevin’s way ahead of you. Here's the post!

-Evan ‘13

Is the meyer rec barn open 24/7? — Asked by Anonymous

No. Unfortunately all 3am workouts have to happen elsewhere. I always find runs in the middle of all nighters stimulate the brain.

During the term the rec barn hours are something like 630 am - 10 pm during the week, and slightly less during the weekend. Cause honestly, who gets up and works out on a saturday morning.

Over the summer it’s open less, but there aren’t many of us here to use it, so it all works out.


Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. A photo set of the Meyer Rec Barn. This little gym is jam packed with fitness equipment. Free weights, oppressed weights, cardio equipment, sauna, dance studio, aerobics studio… we’ve got it all! 

Kevin 13’

Where do you guys work out? Is there a gym on campus? — Asked by Anonymous

I am perhaps the worst person to answer this question because I hadn’t even set foot in the Meyer Rec Barn until a couple terms ago when a friend who was working there wanted me to bring them food. But let it be known I am an anomaly on the Bennington campus! Many Bennington students enjoy staying fit and doing so through a wide variety of activities.

A few of the ways students get active: working out at the Meyer Rec Barn, using the climbing wall (also in the Rec Barn), taking a yoga, pilates, or Zumba class in the evenings after the day is over, going on one of the many outdoor trips offered by the college (white water rafting, hiking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, ice skating…), or participating in one of our intramural sports (the website lists soccer, fencing, and basketball, but let me add volleyball, tennis, running club, dodgeball, and circus club!).

This is all without going into the lavish descriptions I am holding back from writing of the gorgeous area Bennington is in; we are really lucky to be in great natural wonderland and being outdoors and getting a work out in this serene nature is fun, easy, and a great experience.

I should probably be taking my own advice. I took yoga two terms in a row once! Really. 

-India K, ‘12