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By any chance, is there federal work study opportunity in the dining hall to work as a cook? Or the student center? — Asked by Anonymous


I’m useless in the kitchen but before I started in Admissions I worked in the dish room. It was great I got to throw plates onto the industrial washer and get out all my aggression. 

There are cooking jobs available in both the dining hall and the student center and I believe they’re not too hard to get. 


-Eliana ‘15

I'm from Europe and i want to apply for this collage. I want to apply for full scholarship. My question is how hard is to get the scholarship and what else i have to pay for if i get it (or is it expensive to live on the campus etc.) — Asked by Anonymous

I say, apply and wait to see what kind of aid you get. We’re better at aid than you would assume given our size — especially with international students.

As for costs on campus, you can go all year without spending a dime. You probably won’t, but you could. Once you’re on campus everything is free: you can get all your food through the meal plan and all concerts are free as well. A class in the rec barn might have a one-time fee and you might have a health service co-pay; but beyond that you can pretty much get buy without spending any money.

Alan ‘15

Don’t be Afraid of Financial Aid

We’ve gotten a lot of ?’s about financial aid recently because money can be $cary. We totally get it and also scared too. Only human over here though we seem cyber.

Speaking of humans, our first piece of advice is to call financial aid. Talking to humans and not computers can also be scary but they’ll be able to help you on an individual basis way better than we can. Their digits are 802-440-4325. This is a great idea for all questions. Self advocacy can be fun!

That being said we can give you some more general info:

Merit aid is based on the strength of the total application not just a student’s grades or test scores (so maybe your art portfolio made us rethink existence or something). Upon applying, all students are considered for need and merit based scholarships, no extra paperwork necessary beyond the FAFSA and other federal documentation you’d be filling out already.

in 2012-13, 90% of first-year students received a grant or scholarship, the average award being $25,791. And that’s money you don’t have to repay.

Are there hidden costs? I’d look at our budget here. I’d also just say that it is easy to not spend money on campus. I don’t carry cash and I’ve gone weeks before without spending a dime.

Field Work Term? I can’t predict how much it will cost for you. Grants are available. But also, if money is a concern, do something where you will make money, even if it isn’t the dream. It will still be a great experience. You aren’t required to fly to France, you can live with Mom and Dad.

alan & emily!

How much do students usually pay to go away for Field Work Term? — Asked by Anonymous

As much as they want. I actually made money on my first two FWTs, and my most recent one could have been free if I didn’t love the Pad Thai place down the street from where I work so much. Granted, I wasn’t exactly living the FWT dream, but I have this theory that the FWT dream is kind of a lie. You can learn a lot even if you are in your hometown and not France. But Parke also went to France for free one time (grant + living with family), so you just have to be so so crafty.

I just asked everyone if the amount of money they spent on their FWTs correlated to the quality of the experience:

Alan: no
Sarah: yes
Anushka: yes
Eliana: “not really”
Chloe: no

-Alan ‘15

Do you have to pay back any of the need based aid you receive? — Asked by Anonymous


You have to pay back loans should you choose to accept them, but as for everything else, it’s all yours. 

-Riley ‘13

(okay one more picture)


I am very scared of the financial issues I have to face if I were to attend Bennington. I want to go here ever so much. Can you please shed some light on a situation like this please? — Asked by Anonymous

You’re wise to be wary of the cost of a college education. Bennington is certainly up there in terms of tuition and R&B fees. Here are the stats:

  • Tuition-$42,800 
  • Room & Board- $12,160 
  • Students receiving financial aid- 86% 
  • Average Bennington scholarship/grant package- $25,466 
  • Average student indebtedness after 4 years: $23,002

My impression is that Bennington is an expensive school, but has excellent financial aid. College board puts our average first year aid package at $33,664. Average debt after graduation is actually lower than the national average (private college average $27,650, ours is $23,000).

When you apply to Bennington you are automatically considered for need and merit based aid. In my personal experience, Bennington was the cheapest school I got into after aid. So the moral of the story is to not be scared off by the sticker price. Apply and see what happens.

Kevin 13’

Do students at Bennington usually have part-time jobs in the area? — Asked by Anonymous

Wu Tang Clan said it best, “cash moves everything around me -C.R.E.A.M.- get that money -dolla dolla bill y’all-“(Enter the Wu Tang: 36 Chambers)

That is all to say that many Bennington students do get jobs to help with expenses. Some students get jobs off campus. However, most get jobs on campus. There are plenty of things to do for work. For example, you can work for Admissions, Student Life, the Rec Barn, Library or Dining services. 

Kevin 13’