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How much clothing should we bring? I know that people say "not a lot" but for me a lot would be like one box. So, using boxes as a unit, how much clothing should I bring? — Asked by Anonymous

probably no more than one box


depends on how many outfits you want to have i guess?

-kagan ‘16

Some advice for packing clothes for college? Bring a ton, pack sparingly? Should we expect vast influxes of T-shirts and such or should we plan on packing a fair amount of clothing? On that note--what time are we gonna have to break out the sweaters and jackets? Thnk. — Asked by Anonymous


Solid advice from our correspondent in Chicago. I echo her sentiment. 

Don’t pack much. Really. Truly. Please for everyone’s sake pack as few clothes as possible. I wouldn’t expect a vast influx of t-shirts, but please don’t overpack! On the sweaters and jackets, it really depends - maybe late September, maybe October, definitely by November. You will feel it when the time comes. 

Do, however, bring lots of lamps! Most rooms don’t have an overhead light so lamps are essential. That being said, our local Home Depot, Goodwill, Sears, and Walmart (all located very close to campus) have an amazing selection of lamps that you can buy upon your arrival at Bennington.

Also, a friendly PSA from your local firefighter: Christmas lights are a fire hazard. 

-Glennis & Emily

What's the one thing you wish you had brought your first year that you didn't? — Asked by Anonymous

Sarah wishes she had brought more sweaters

Evan says to bring one comfort book, something that you’ve read before but that you can go to if you need a moment away from everything. But, one book, not 30. 

I say, don’t bring too much stuff! Pretty much every First Year brings too much stuff. Leave all of those books, DVD’s, shoes, and clothes and other sentimental things that you think you need at home. Especially books, you won’t have time to read them and also you’ve got an amazing library at your fingertips. Take a minimalist approach to things. Remember also that Bennington isn’t as rural as you think it is and you can buy things here. 

That’s our advice!


Hey lovely admissions crew! I'm an international student who has been admitted, YAY! I was thinking; can I buy stuff online and have them sent directly to Bennington before I even get there? I'm from overseas and it would be super practical to not have to bring stuff like bedding, towels etc. I can't wait to meet you guys! — Asked by Anonymous


Ya go ahead! That applies to all incoming freshmen too. I would wait to have them shipped until August - so a closer date to when you would actually be arriving on campus. Also just write your name and clarify that you are in an incoming freshman. The post office will hold it for you until you get here.


Everything you ever wanted to know about HOUSING!!

Hello lovely incoming freshmen!!

There have been so many housing questions lately, specifically related to wanting pictures of particular rooms in particular houses and descriptions of those houses. While we totally understand how exciting it is to get housing assignments and to be getting ready to move in, we want to leave a little of that excitement in the air for you guys to discover for yourself when you get here! After all, it would be really tough for all of us to give unbiased, meaningful descriptions of houses we don’t even live in or necessarily spend a lot of time in. In the meantime, check out India K’s blog series about Bennington rooms to get a feel for rooms in the three styles of houses. 

There is one thing, however, that I cannot emphasize enough: GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR ROOMMATE(S)!! If you’re planning on bringing any larger items (fridge, fans, floor lamps, nightstand, other furniture, etc.) connect with your roommate first to check in about it (your rooms accommodate furniture for 2+ people already!). Also remember that there are a thousand ways to accumulate so much junk while you’re here…so don’t bring more than you think you need. Also, check out this great post about what to bring, as well as this one about places to buy things once your here.

And, as always, you can check the STUDENT HANDBOOK for rules and regulations regarding particular items that you are thinking of bringing, as well as the Housing section of the Welcome Page

Although we won’t be answering specific housing questions via the blog, if you have any any any concerns please don’t hesitate to call us in the office or get in touch with Student Life:

ADMISSIONS: 802-440-4312


STUDENT LIFE: 802-442-4330

Can’t wait to see you all so soon!!<3

Amira ‘13

Awesome aerial photo of Bennington circa 1933!

Hey, I'm attending Bennington in the fall and I was just wondering if it's possible to ship some things over that I don't want to have to carry around on a plane and just pick that stuff up somewhere on campus? — Asked by Anonymous

You sure can! In fact, I’d definitely recommend shipping larger items like bedding ahead of time. After talking to the post office I learned that you may begin shipping your things any time this summer (to your new Bennington address!!*). Simply write “Incoming Freshman” somewhere on the box and the post office will hold it in the back until you arrive to pick it up. Another tip: make sure to check for media rates when shipping books…it makes it a lot cheaper!

-Amira ‘13


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What to Bringgg

We just got a great response from a current Bennington student (Thursdaythe12th) about what kind of stuff to bring here with you. 

If you’re still curious about packing for next fall, the Admitted Students Facebook is a great place to chat with us and your peers about what to bring and get into the nitty gritty details. 


Hi! To add on to the stuff not to bring, bring minimal posters, knick knacks, and general decorations. I remember my first term I brought tons of that stuff because I was scared I wouldn’t feel at home at my room, you won’t believe the amount of stuff you accumulate over the term, especially if your an art student, since you’ll be making things.

Hey, so I'm from LA. I've never seen snow, and my idea of a winter outfit is leggings and a cardigan. I have no idea what I'm supposed to wear. Pls help me so I don't die next winter :( — Asked by Anonymous

You do get to miss a fair amount of the worst of winter because of FWT, but you still have to deal with December and March.

I wouldn’t load up too much on clothes because you don’t know what the weather will be like next year or how cold you’re going to get, but there’s a couple things you should definitely bring.

1. A nice warm pair of water resistant boots (snow boots are the warmest but can be tough to lug around. Michaela says “go light”).

2. A nice warm water resistant winter jacket (with a hood).

3. A nice warm hat (if your jacket doesn’t have a hood).

4. And wool socks! (Especially if you go for lighter boots.)

A lot of times you won’t need to be that warm, so make sure you have a variety of sweatshirts or sweaters for less intense winter weather. Also probably some pants to mix in with your leggings. But there are stores around here, so don’t worry about it too much. You probably want to pack relatively light for shipping.

See you in September!