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Hi guys, so I'm an accepted student and I'm suddenly running into some last minute doubts about a few things. 1. Is there plenty of "people type" diversity? 2. The male specimen is a good specimen. Are there enough of the beard sprouters hangin around, cause I grow weary with just my own kind. 3. Is the town cool? You know, for us youthies? 4. Also, are the work term's room and board etc... included in one's tuition? — Asked by Anonymous

1. I don’t know what “people type” is. We have mostly humans here, with a few fish, squirrels, octopuses and deer. Personally I’m hoping for some cyborgs in the future but unfortunately we don’t have any yet. Or do we? But really, here are some good descriptions of diversity at Bennington

2. We do have men here, so yes there are indeed some beard sprouters. Below are some lovely beards on some lovely faculty members: Kerry Woods, Stephen Higa, and Ron Cohen. 




3. For the first day of May the town of Bennington is kind of cool. 


Here is a post (and another) about favorite spots in town. It’s small but has cool restaurants, shops, and places to go if you want to get off campus. 

4. Field Work Term’s room, board etc. are not part of tuition. Tuition is for the 28 weeks you are here on campus just like any other college. However, don’t freak out! There are options. You can: live at home, live with a friend/family member/friend’s parent, your internship may give you board (that happened to me this year!) or apply for some of our super duper awesome Field Work Term Grants that help you with travel expenses, room and board. So never fear! There are a lot of options to have a wonderful, affordable, and even profitable (if you are Alan Dupont) Field Work Term.

In conclusion, its okay to have doubts. I know I did when I was making my decision. In the end don’t let the small things overwhelm the important things: the community, the academics etc. I would suggest imagining the person you will be in four years after attending the respective colleges. Choose the college where you think you will become the person you want to be. 

Hope that assuages some of your doubts,

Arden J. ‘16 

Hello! My name is Yoon Sukmin and I live in South Korea. I think that I will be there this fall as a freshman. After I got my admission letter, I googled BC and reviews about it. Of course, what I found was its artistic, and bucolic environment which made me apply here, but I found some extremely biased people saying that students there are arrogant, conservative and preachy, which I don't believe in thoroughly. What do you think about the student body there? I really want to make good friends! — Asked by Anonymous

Conservative? Arrogant? Preachy? That was just someone who wanted to out-liberal everyone else to seem cool, I’m sure of it. That’s probably why they didn’t like it here — we saw through their hipster facade. Some people are used to identifying themselves by being anti-_(fill in the blank)_. They don’t like it here because we don’t fall for that trick. The people here are genuinely geeky about whatever they love and that’s what makes cool, whether it is mole rats or postmodernism. It just so happens that we look like a trendy crew; but honestly, I’ve had to find more sophisticated ways of judging people because surfaces here are especially deceiving.

I don’t know what to tell you: different strokes for different folks. I’ve been here for three years and I wouldn’t have stuck around if I couldn’t find genuine people.

Alan ‘15

can you post some pictures of people just hanging out around campus? Or just some various silly photos pleeeeease?!?!? — Asked by Anonymous

Silly? Hanging out? People? Various photos?

We’ve got you covered! Well, Facebook has you covered… We all went looking through our photos and came up with too many. Click here to view our full post:

Sincerely, Thursday Morning Shift!

To answer your question…. 

A Place as Vibrant as Its People

So we try to be “real” on this tumblr, but sometimes you just need pretty pictures of campus from the Communications Office. 

Arden J. ‘16