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can you post some pictures of people just hanging out around campus? Or just some various silly photos pleeeeease?!?!? — Asked by Anonymous

Silly? Hanging out? People? Various photos?

We’ve got you covered! Well, Facebook has you covered… We all went looking through our photos and came up with too many. Click here to view our full post:

Sincerely, Thursday Morning Shift!

To answer your question…. 

I used the weather as an excuse to go for a walk — the prospective students need to know!! — and took some pictures. Its 62 degrees out right now, but it will be back in the mid twenties by the end of the week. I might like Bennington better with gray skies and rain.

-Alan ‘15

Someone who has never been to the U.S.A. before was asking me what Bennington looks like, so I ended up looking through all of the pictures I have taken here. The ones of the campus in fall always feel particularly nostalgic somehow. Enjoy!


It’s a little bit like this out today, only foggier. :)

Photos by Briee Della Rocca!

<3 riley

We had a few requests for a photoset of theater spaces, so here’s one. Enjoy! And keep the photo requests coming!

-Evan ‘13

There was another request for a “plethora of pictures” of Crossett Library, so I snapped these today for ya! Wish I could fit more than just 10 on here…Check out Crossett Library’s flickr for other library-related pictures! 

 -Amira ‘13


Vermont, the last time it was warm like this

Edit photos by me, left: Woo house backyard, right: the porch of a friend’s house

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Check out these great photos from the Spring 2010 production of Mahagonny Songspiel (Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill) Directed by faculty member Jean Randich. 

This was such a fantastic show!