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Hello everyone! 

Our shift has spent today answering some questions on the blog and we wanted to create a helpful guide to understanding where you should ask your questions. 

To Incoming students: Use the facebook page! It’s not just to get to know other incoming first years, it is there to act as a resource. All the interns and counselors who have facebook are part of that group. Your facebook questions will receive a more immediate answer than the tumblr. 

Personal questions: We get asked a lot of really personal questions on this blog. We understand the urge to stay anonymous and talking to people on the phone or email can be scary. Personal questions are great on a one-on-one basis. Call us or email an intern and we can give you a much better answer than if we answered an anonymous tumblr post. 

Repeat Questions: We get a lot of repeat questions and we intentionally answer these questions to provide multiple narratives. Usually there are several really amazing posts already written about that subject. For example, I typed in “social life” and got all these wonderful posts! This can be a good first step before asking a question. After seeing other answers it can help define what your own specific question is.  

All questions: CALL US! We love to talk to students. Whether it is a simple yes/no or a question that requires a more in-depth response we would love to hear from you in person. Call us at (802) 440 -4312 and toll free at (800) 833-6845.

We love your questions but looking for a right platform can give you a more immediate and thorough response.

Arden J. ‘16 and Alana C. ‘15 

PS: Are you an incoming student and not part of the facebook group? Email 

do you guys know where the questions come from? — Asked by Anonymous

i think the Admissions Counselors send most of the questions in as a test? i don’t know. are these questions real. whos sending them.

who is this image

if you know who keeps sending these questions in please email me at and call COPS

please help

kagan ‘16

can you post some pictures of people just hanging out around campus? Or just some various silly photos pleeeeease?!?!? — Asked by Anonymous

Silly? Hanging out? People? Various photos?

We’ve got you covered! Well, Facebook has you covered… We all went looking through our photos and came up with too many. Click here to view our full post:

Sincerely, Thursday Morning Shift!


Dearest Blog Followers,

We love your questions. We try to answer them. Even when we don’t know the answers. But you do ask a lot of them. And sometimes it takes us a while.

Well, the Tumblr Gods and our Inbox got into a little bit of a tussle, and the Tumblr Gods won. And all of your questions are gone. 

Now, we’ve got our best detectives on the case, and they’re working around the clock. But if you’ve asked a question we’ve yet to answer, the best way to guarantee that we do answer it is to ask it again.

It may still take us a while to get you an answer, but at least we’ll be working on it.*

Looking forward to answering your questions - new and old.


*This is maybe a good place to note that Admitted Students: 90% of your questions can be answered in two minutes if you call or email us but are very difficult to answer anonymously. <3

I fell down an internet rabbit hole reading this tumblr, and now I want to apply to Bennington. I'm most of the way through a doctoral program right now (it's exam season and oh BOY am I procrastinating), but I'm going off on a crazy tangent about what I'd formulate as my study plan at Bton, and daydreaming about wearing snowboots in the Vermont winters. Please advise: should I get the heck off the internet already, or is it high time I start compiling my application? — Asked by Anonymous

I’m a little confused. First of all, obviously you should apply; Bennington is amazing. Secondly, everyone should get off the internet… it is destroying our generation / the world. Thirdly, I don’t want to be prescriptive, but I think you should finish your PhD program. Like, I don’t know anything about how to get employed beyond what NPR has told me… but my gut is saying that wrapping up the PhD is a good call. Why did I tell you to still apply to Bennington then? Because you learn more than things here, you learn how to be a person, somehow; and I’ve met plenty of brilliant people who don’t know how to do that.

-Alan ‘15

What kinds of questions are you asked in an interview? — Asked by Anonymous

Honestly, the interview is formatted as a conversation that just allows the admission counselors here to get to know you a little better, and to bring you out of the written application and into the third dimension, so to speak.  Just bring your honest, fearless self and let the intertia of conversation do the rest.  Holly also gave a beautiful answer to this question that you should check out here.

~Michael 15

Ok so u guys have officially scared the life out of me. I asked a question a few days ago abt whether bennington emails in response to ur app because i was told i will be sent an email. Judging from all the other posts abt being sent a letter im guessing bennington hasnt accepted me:( no more posts from me now, and no more follwing bennington on twitter. Too much mental agony :( :( :( — Asked by Anonymous

Wait, what!? Nooooo. You are being given bad information. Don’t read into a lack of letter, these things take time! Please email me before you subscribe to agony. Or call us! We might be able to clarify things for you individually before you jump to conclusions. Whether or not you are admitted, you will receive communication from us, you won’t just be left in the dark. Don’t assume a lack of news is bad news. Some things just take time. Please contact me or the office if you have application concerns: or (802) 440-4312.

WHALE, tomorrow is my interview for my application and I was wondering when I would know if I got accepted or not for early decision non binding? And also what I should expect to happen during my interview. Best regards, and thank you! — Asked by humblearth

Early Decision I will be notified by December 20 and Early Decision II will be notified by February 1st. As for the interview, it’s really just a conversation! There is no list of questions — we just want to get to know you and give you a chance to ask questions too! Don’t sweat it.



for the supplementary materials part of the application, i am going to submit music compositions. if i have both a recording and sheet music for the pieces, would they count as two separate items? and if so, which of the two would be preferable to submit? — Asked by Anonymous

Send both if you want! Some of us read music but others don’t, so a recording is probably best if you want to choose. But both is fine!


Bennington's library? — Asked by Anonymous

I’m oh-so-glad you asked. Check out these past posts! Here are even more pictures that I just took.

Crossett Library is a wonderful resources as well as a beautiful space to work in. The librarians are incredibly helpful, friendly and available. The library also has one of the best blogs I’ve ever read, so you should check it out here



I've just started looking into Bennington, and I read somewhere that your ACT/SAT scores aren't necessarily as important there as they are elsewhere. Is that true? I love learning, but my test results don't always give me the kindest reflection. Bennington looks like a fantastic place to be, and I really hope that I have a shot at going there. — Asked by Anonymous

First of all, when I googled “test stress” this image came up. SOMEONE TELL ME WHY.

Second of all, we are SAT optional, so if you feel like your scores say something about you (and many students do), you are welcome to submit them and we will consider them as part of your application. However, we also recognize that standardized test scores are not always a reflection of a student’s intelligence. Some people just AREN’T good test takers, and that is okay if you have other things to offer! We look at your essays, your interviews, your grades from high school, any supplemental material, etc. and feel that in most cases that is plenty to know if you are a thinker, a maker, and someone who could contribute to our community. We care about rigor, but we don’t think that how intelligent you are can be fully expressed by numbers on a page. Hope that helps!


Everything you ever wanted to know about HOUSING!!

Hello lovely incoming freshmen!!

There have been so many housing questions lately, specifically related to wanting pictures of particular rooms in particular houses and descriptions of those houses. While we totally understand how exciting it is to get housing assignments and to be getting ready to move in, we want to leave a little of that excitement in the air for you guys to discover for yourself when you get here! After all, it would be really tough for all of us to give unbiased, meaningful descriptions of houses we don’t even live in or necessarily spend a lot of time in. In the meantime, check out India K’s blog series about Bennington rooms to get a feel for rooms in the three styles of houses. 

There is one thing, however, that I cannot emphasize enough: GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR ROOMMATE(S)!! If you’re planning on bringing any larger items (fridge, fans, floor lamps, nightstand, other furniture, etc.) connect with your roommate first to check in about it (your rooms accommodate furniture for 2+ people already!). Also remember that there are a thousand ways to accumulate so much junk while you’re here…so don’t bring more than you think you need. Also, check out this great post about what to bring, as well as this one about places to buy things once your here.

And, as always, you can check the STUDENT HANDBOOK for rules and regulations regarding particular items that you are thinking of bringing, as well as the Housing section of the Welcome Page

Although we won’t be answering specific housing questions via the blog, if you have any any any concerns please don’t hesitate to call us in the office or get in touch with Student Life:

ADMISSIONS: 802-440-4312


STUDENT LIFE: 802-442-4330

Can’t wait to see you all so soon!!<3

Amira ‘13

Awesome aerial photo of Bennington circa 1933!

Just out of curiosity could we (perspective students) see the 'housing questionnaire'? The link on the Bennington website requires you to log in, but I just kinda wanted to see what it asked to better understand how they match you to houses and roommates. — Asked by Anonymous

To be honest, I’m not sure where we’d find the housing questionnaire from this past year or whether or not it changes a bunch from year to year. I think I can give you an idea of how they match you up, though.

Basically, they ask you questions like:

  • When do you go to bed/wake up?
  • How important is cleanliness to you?
  • What kind of music do you like/dislike?
  • What is most important to you in a roommate/house?

And then you’re also (if I remember correctly) given the opportunity to write in some sort of summary of yourself in order to give a sense of your personality and how you relate things. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the questions they ask, but I’m fairly sure it’s mostly correct, so.

Essentially it’s a pretty comprehensive survey and I think from what I’ve seen that people who are honest and thorough in their answers get placed in living situations that work out really well for them. I hope this helps give a sense of how the housing process works!

-Evan ‘13

any nudity at bennington? how is it handled/accepted? — Asked by Anonymous

There was a rain storm the other day and a few students were  hanging out in their birthday suits on the lawn. Honestly, it doesn’t really happen that often but when it does it’s usually raining and it’s never a big deal. We actually have a clothing optional policy where you can be naked whenever you want but you can’t GET naked in public. Don’t ask me why taking off your clothes and not wearing clothes is somehow different. But there you have it! Come be naked! Or don’t. 


To the incoming class of 2016

We anticipate receiving a few questions from all of you on this blog since the welcome emails just went out today. We are so excited to have all of you! Keep using the Facebook page to ask questions since that is a space just for you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call the offices on campus that now officially work for you! Student Life, Field Work Term, and the Dean’s Office are all here to help!

Once again, congratulations! We look forward to meeting all of you in the Fall!

Looking out from the Jennings balcony.
Photo from the Bennington College Alumni Facebook page