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Hello all, I'm already part of the 2018 ganga, and am wondering if there is any kind of AAA like eating disorder related group in place. I've always struggled with my image, as do roughly 80 percent of women on average, and have no problem talking about it. Is Bennington aware of this problem, or more importantly, are they trying to help and talk to those in the student body who have similar disorders? Thankyou lots! — Asked by Anonymous


What a great question — coming from LA, I was raised under the (fairly subconscious) impression that beautiful = skinny….until I got to Bennington and realized I was being force fed (oh ho ho) a bunch of crap.  In fact, my creative thesis at Bennington concerns itself greatly with eating disorders, so I end up talking to a lot of people on campus about body image/self image.  We don’t necessarily have an official “support group” per se, but one of the defining factors of the Bennington social experience is the ability to actually “go there” about anything…truly anything…we *want* to have those conversations.  So please come and talk up a storm…it’s so important that we create a space where these issues can be voiced.  It’s up to us to reclaim our pride in our bodies and feel beautiful :)

— Parke ‘15

I just wanted to add that there are resources and support on campus currently with continued events and programming sponsored by the Bennington Wellness (BeWell) group on campus. 

The Bennington College Wellness Peers (myself and three other students which continues to grow) welcome your questions and suggestions for programming, speakers, and services you’d like to see on campus. The Wellness Peers serve as wellness liaisons, referring and connecting students and administration. Again, just please email with your input.

Taste of the Townhouse



Chocolate, avocado, coconut, vegan/gluten free mousse!


-Selina ‘15

Alana reads out loud “Chocolate, avacado, coconut, vegan/gluten free mousse???” and then it continues:

"MMMmmm, yum" -Nina

"What? I don’t know about the avocado." -Alana

"No! They are so good. They-" -Nina
 ”…it’s used as a replacement for butter, right” -Naima
"Yeah, and they are so good because you don’t taste the avocado much and you just get the richness of it." -Nina

"Wait! Pause. This is the most enthusiastic conversation this shift has ever had" -Alan


"Well, if I was to marry anything that wasn’t a human, it would probably be an avocado…" -Nina***

****No, but seriously, Nina made ceramics inspired by avocados last year:

Email us we are bored here!


Write to me and escape! Let’s do some matchmaking.

My name is Alan. I study ~~language and gender/sexuality~~ through playwriting and linguistics; so I’ve studied in education, playwriting, dramatic literature, psychology, Japanese, literature, um, bio twice? Most recently, this has resulted in an original play which I want to call “Trigger Warning: Catharsis” but I’m not gutsy enough so it is called “How Time Bombs Must Feel.” I love the 70s — hence the pina colada song; Really, though, Fleetwood Mac and Harry Nilsson are the best. In high school I was engaged with school just enough to maintain a television addiction. My actual education was in Alias, Buffy, Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY), Battlestar Galactica, The X-Files. But my absolute favorites are In Treatment, Six Feet Under and the Good Wife. I often channel Alica Florrick while making major life decisions. Life goals include seeing all of the 1001 movies you must see before you die, and visiting Tibet. I’m all about horror movies (I watch them whenever I’m depressed — everyone think I’m nuts for this). Email me about how strong female protagonists in television can inform YOUR college decision making process. Or if you have easy recipes that are convenient for the magic bullet. Tea drinker, playwright, scholar. Be my friend!

Im Kagan I like anime and i study animation and Chinese not Japanese lmfao..! please email anime recommendations also cool games NOT Call of DUty also I need to beat this one guy in a pokemon battle so what’s the best pokemon team. g-d bless

Hey, I’m Ray.  I’m headed into my senior work, my plan is in literature and conflict resolution, and it’s all about how fiction affects people’s thoughts on social and political issues.  I’m also a huge history nerd.  The biggest question in my life right now though is how soon I’ll be able to get Dragon Age Inquisition to run on my Mac.  Because my interest in that is… totally about studying how Bioware builds much-needed diversity into a regressive industry, and not at all about smashing things and kissing virtual girls.  That’s possibly the biggest lie I ever told.  Email me if you like cool stories, feminism/queer stuff, smashing things, or… for completeness’ sake I want to also put “kissing girls” but it might come off a little weird.  Er.

Hey, I’m late to the game on personal ads, but here we go…

My name is Alana and I like long walks on the beach and talking late into the night under the stars… just kidding (not really). I am a dancer who is interested in identity and community. When I am not in the dance studios, I could be found in a psychology or education class or outside enjoying nature. I have been recently picking up an old interest in fire spinning and continue to be amazed by the absolutely insane miracle that is the human experience! Email me to talk about your favorite loose leaf tea, your most used Pandora station, everything spirituality wise, anything sexuality,and all things polyamory :)*  

*whether my ad won you over or not, everyone should listen to my new favorite song/video that acted as my summer soundtrack:

Here is a video that got me so excited to come home! Please enjoy this wonderful snapshot of last term, provided by my friend Erika Lygren.

-Alana ‘15

Questions, Questions

Hello everyone! 

Our shift has spent today answering some questions on the blog and we wanted to create a helpful guide to understanding where you should ask your questions. 

To Incoming students: Use the facebook page! It’s not just to get to know other incoming first years, it is there to act as a resource. All the interns and counselors who have facebook are part of that group. Your facebook questions will receive a more immediate answer than the tumblr. 

Personal questions: We get asked a lot of really personal questions on this blog. We understand the urge to stay anonymous and talking to people on the phone or email can be scary. Personal questions are great on a one-on-one basis. Call us or email an intern and we can give you a much better answer than if we answered an anonymous tumblr post. 

Repeat Questions: We get a lot of repeat questions and we intentionally answer these questions to provide multiple narratives. Usually there are several really amazing posts already written about that subject. For example, I typed in “social life” and got all these wonderful posts! This can be a good first step before asking a question. After seeing other answers it can help define what your own specific question is.  

All questions: CALL US! We love to talk to students. Whether it is a simple yes/no or a question that requires a more in-depth response we would love to hear from you in person. Call us at (802) 440 -4312 and toll free at (800) 833-6845.

We love your questions but looking for a right platform can give you a more immediate and thorough response.

Arden J. ‘16 and Alana C. ‘15 

PS: Are you an incoming student and not part of the facebook group? Email 

Are headphones a hat? in other words, can I have them in my id photo? — Asked by Anonymous

Personally, I think these headphones would be best for an ID photo:image



If you want to further talk about styles, color choices, or positioning your headphones for the photo feel free to email me at

Best of luck in choosing that perfect photo!
-Alana ‘15

How many students are there from Nepal,Bhutan,Bangladesh,India,Sri Lanka? — Asked by Anonymous

I don’t have the exact break down, but I do know that we have students from 29 different countries including Pakistan, Denmark, Nepal, Vietnam, Bosnia, Turkey, Syria, and Albania. The most exciting part about this is that next years incoming class has 50 international students and the entire class size is around 200 so that is a 25% population of students from outside of the US joining our community.
-Alana ‘15

On average how many students enroll in a freshman class? — Asked by Anonymous

We don’t have an average. The size of the freshman class varies greatly from year to year. This is because we’re not trying to fill quotas. The admissions office looks at each applicant holistically and admits those individuals (yes individuals not numbers) that they believe will thrive here. 

I would say that over the last few years the freshman classes have roughly (very very roughly) been around the 200 mark. 

But whenever you’re talking about numbers at Bennington remember we are people not robots. 


 - Eliana ‘15

Inside Scoop

So I wanted to give you a ONCE IN A LIFETIME sneak peak into what some people do on Thursday May 8th in the year two thousand fourteen on the Bennington College Campus after our work shift ends:


“Get a quick lunch and then go shopping for the camping trip (we are taking DREAM kids that we mentor on a camping trip this weekend) and then going to Historical Grievances and Retrospective Redress. Then I am going to dinner with my friend Kiley and her parents and then finishing the second half of my exhibition proposal for my Art History class.”


“After work today I am helping Noelle, the French professor, with assembling some videos for her husband’s birthday present. Then I am going to be in the video editing studio for a long time tonight with your basic meal breaks. Then I am going to the film screening tonight called the Black Powered Mixed Tap”

To answer your question…. 

My final project is very open ended for my Experiential Anatomy class. I wanted it to be personal so I decided to dig in and learn more about the ossification process of bones when they are healing from a break (I currently have a broken humerus bone from arm wrestling for charity).

I was in my friend Tess’s room getting lost in science research on my screen and beginning to get frustrated. Tess is studying medical anthropology and has her eyes set on med school post Bennington. She asked what I was working on and then enthusiastically dropped her math homework and brought my to “her section” of the library. I was so scared as I am taking my first bio class this term, but glad to have a friend to help me find what I needed. 

Little did I know, I would find my friend Sam working on his research for his performance project about the fluids of the body. He was calling on the help of a fellow student Hillary for her neuroscience wisdom and problem solving in the library!

Just thought I would post about collaboration at it’s finest!

Have a great Weekend!

Hey so I got an email from one of you around May, but I didn't respond because my cat was dying and then I had finals. By the time it had all blown over I figured you guys would be on break so I didn't respond and I feel SO bad about it because I am really really interested in Bennington but I'm afraid I looked like I just didn't care. — Asked by Anonymous

Sorry to hear about your cat and I hope finals went well. It’s really not a big deal. Like, its just not a big deal. We’re bad at email too. To help you figure out who emailed you, we compiled a list of everyone who was working in May that is also working here next fall with a couple things each person probably would have mentioned (just to jog your memory)…

Anushka G. - Video games, Texas and being a sweetie
Liam D. - Working out, Taylor Swift, binge eating vegetarian cuisine
Sarah G. - Television, midcentury modern furniture, otters
Alan D. - the 70’s, cult TV & slasher movies, existential crises
Julia H. - Elegance/being perfect, alternative medicine, tarot cards/astrology
Glennis H. - Buckminster Fuller, gluten-free life, Alaska
Parke H. - Hello Kitty, Russian literature, Silver Springs by Stevie Nicks
Rachel J. - Women’s rights, The Bennington Free Press, 90’s clothing
Selina P. - Conflict resolution, Argentina, baking and ice skating and biking and knitting and spinning
Michael T. - Prank-calling Selina during work, Iceland, fixing the world
Alana C. - Maine, queer politics and the like, dancin’!

You can always strike up a correspondence with us. The summer crew is up there now, but everyone else will be soon enough!

-Alan ‘15 

How should people address letters to us at Bennington? — Asked by shades-of-shea

Your shiny new address is:

your name

One College Drive

Bennington, VT 05201

Each student at Bennington has their own mailbox (mailcubby? mailcaddy?) in the downstairs Commons building (this one), to which heaps of mail and packages, and occasionally slick Nimbus 2000’s are delivered by owl promptly at 5 A.M. at the start of every business day (excluding holidays).

-Evan ‘13

I am a christian. Not a crazy bible thumper but I do practice my religion. Would I be able to fit in at Bennington? — Asked by Anonymous

Christianity isn’t part of the collective consciousness in the way that it may be on other college campuses (awesome alliteration, Alan!), but we are an open-minded group of people. We have an interfaith group that I think epitomizes that. Religious and non-religious folks alike also seem to enjoy exploring faith related themes in their art here; I would say 40% of the final projects people are working on in my play-writing class are faith-related.

-Alan ‘15 

Please please please try not to sugar coat your answers but I've been reading the Bennington Free Press online and basically every recent article in some way mentions that Bennington is falling apart whether because of the retiring staff or by the more-of-a-burden FWT. I know it's easy to complain about things because it bonds people or whatever but should these complaints by students pose a valid concern for those of us joining the Bennington community in the fall? What are your takes on it? — Asked by Anonymous

I think students here hold the school to an incredibly high standard and thus have some strong opinions. Personally, I think the language that the school is ‘falling apart’ is melodramatic, but not everyone would agree with me. These posts, I think, speak more to the seriousness of our students than they do to the state of the school. Bennington will always be going through changes because we are always trying to get the school as close as possible to the values that drive it. In a sense, if you join our community, you should be concerned: Bennington students get involved and engage in discussions about these issues. But you shouldn’t be worried.

As for FWT, I would say you are getting a pretty fair portrayal between this blog and some of the articles on the BFP. We all make judgement calls regarding money going into FWT — balancing realism and idealism is a real world lesson, too.

-Alan ‘15

Also, I think it’s important to note that these “burden FWT” articles aren’t reflecting any change in the nature of FWT. Not everyone has 4 amazing FWTs. In fact, I don’t know if anyone has ever had 4 straight FWTs that met every one of his/her expectations. However (and I think that we only realize this after FWT is over), we can always learn something about ourselves and our aspirations during an internship, even if the internship is not great, or even awful.

And I will happily second Alan’s point about “falling apart” being an overstatement. Yes, President Liz Coleman is leaving, but she is staying on for the next 2 years as Director of CAPA, and will definitely continue to have input re: Bennington’s direction well into the future. Apparently, she’s apartment-hunting in North Bennington, but that might just be a rumor. Also, we have no idea what the Office of Student Life will be like without Eva.
As long as Bennington College is full of students, faculty and staff who are invested in nurturing and following the values and ethos of this institution, it will not fall apart.

-Eric ‘13

A link to another current student’s response can be found here.