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Are there any "rockin'" tattoo parlors around? — Asked by Anonymous

I go to Larry at Body Blend studios. There is a closer place (raz-a-tat tattoo), but Larry rocks. There’s also a great place in Brattleboro, but that’s a bit of a schlep: Strange Brew is the name of it.

This scene from Anna Karenina…

…resulted in this tattoo which Larry did.

Alan ‘15

Bennington College’s own Crossett Library recently called out to students in the community asking “who has a tattoo inspired by a book?” They have called this project ThINK. Clever, right?

I know that when I got an email asking if I was interested in modeling, I was super pumped to participate. Tattoos are common on Bennington’s campus. Some larger, and some smaller, but It’s amazing how many people were inspired to get some body art based on their favorite bound tome.

Pictured here are:


Me! (Leah)





and Evan