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Hi, are there any driving schools in the Bennington area? It seems like I'll need a license in sleepy VT lol — Asked by Anonymous

Yup.  There are quite a few of them around and plenty of students get licensed.  But don’t drive if Vermont makes you sleepy, dude.  You’ll die.

-Ray ‘15

Advice on avoiding Freshman 15? — Asked by Anonymous


Definitely don’t go to Kevin’s on Monday for Burgers and Brew night or the chocolate shop in town. Or the Chili’s. Or the KFC/Taco Bell.

Alan ‘15

Hello! I was wondering if there is a juice bar and if so how is it? :D — Asked by Anonymous

Alas, southern Vermont is not known for its juice bars.  There is one in nearby Williamstown… no, upon further googling, that’s a Williamstown in Australia.  Um.  This person is really into juice and wrote some about the offerings in Albany, but no one in the office has visited any of these places.  The student farm here on campus has a cider press, though… and horses, sometimes.  I find horses make up for a lot of deficiencies, in every area of life.


-Ray ‘15

[Image description: bottles of juice shaped like horses, in six colors and flavors!]

Where can black folks get their hair cut? I heard Vermont is pretty white. — Asked by Anonymous

It’s true that Bennington doesn’t have any hair salons that cater specifically to black hair, at least not any that googling will reveal.  It’s possible that one of the places around town has a stylist or two who know what they’re doing on that front; that’s how it is in the small, 96% white town in New York that I’m from.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure how one ferrets those stylists out except by word of mouth.  If you’re willing and able to travel 45 minutes, Troy has a billion places.  And here’s (now-graduated) intern Ben’s answer to a similar question from last term.

-Ray ‘15

Hi guys, so I'm an accepted student and I'm suddenly running into some last minute doubts about a few things. 1. Is there plenty of "people type" diversity? 2. The male specimen is a good specimen. Are there enough of the beard sprouters hangin around, cause I grow weary with just my own kind. 3. Is the town cool? You know, for us youthies? 4. Also, are the work term's room and board etc... included in one's tuition? — Asked by Anonymous

1. I don’t know what “people type” is. We have mostly humans here, with a few fish, squirrels, octopuses and deer. Personally I’m hoping for some cyborgs in the future but unfortunately we don’t have any yet. Or do we? But really, here are some good descriptions of diversity at Bennington

2. We do have men here, so yes there are indeed some beard sprouters. Below are some lovely beards on some lovely faculty members: Kerry Woods, Stephen Higa, and Ron Cohen. 




3. For the first day of May the town of Bennington is kind of cool. 


Here is a post (and another) about favorite spots in town. It’s small but has cool restaurants, shops, and places to go if you want to get off campus. 

4. Field Work Term’s room, board etc. are not part of tuition. Tuition is for the 28 weeks you are here on campus just like any other college. However, don’t freak out! There are options. You can: live at home, live with a friend/family member/friend’s parent, your internship may give you board (that happened to me this year!) or apply for some of our super duper awesome Field Work Term Grants that help you with travel expenses, room and board. So never fear! There are a lot of options to have a wonderful, affordable, and even profitable (if you are Alan Dupont) Field Work Term.

In conclusion, its okay to have doubts. I know I did when I was making my decision. In the end don’t let the small things overwhelm the important things: the community, the academics etc. I would suggest imagining the person you will be in four years after attending the respective colleges. Choose the college where you think you will become the person you want to be. 

Hope that assuages some of your doubts,

Arden J. ‘16 

Bennington Town!

Some of us venture off-campus frequently, others only occasionally but all of us students interact with the towns of Bennington or North Bennington in some way, shape or form. Here are some our fav places in town:

Ben ‘14: I really like Lucky Dragon, the Chinese food place. I always have fun there.  

Genelle ‘15: I really like the Mile-Around-Woods. My geology class went there and measured the way the slate was laying in the earth. There are supposed to be gnomes hidden there that you can find. Also Lake Perin! And the apple barn in the fall!  

Doug ‘16: The tubs. It’s so beautiful there

Emily ‘16: The Dairy Bar. It’s only open in the warmer months but they have the best soft serve I want it now help please give me ice cream.

Carlos ‘14: The Gamer’s Grotto. I love hanging out with the people there.