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To get to Bennington [from another state, say New Jersey], would you recommend car, rail, hitchhiking, bus [are there buses?] or bike? In fact, what types of transportation are available in the Bennington area? — Asked by Anonymous

This is my preferred mode of travel:


But if that’s not for you, you have a few other options. Most modes of public transit (jet planes, trains, buses) stop in Albany (NY), which is roughly an hour away from campus. People usually hitch a ride with another Bennington student from there or take the shuttle that runs at designated times in the term. There’s a rideshare group on Facebook where people post about their travels and link up for rides and gas $$.

Believe it or not, a couple of freshman biked here from Pennsylvania at the start of the term. Crazy spice.

- David ‘13

what's your advice for someone who has no clue where to start in figuring out what to do for her field work term? — Asked by Anonymous

Sit back and ask yourself two questions: if I could be anywhere in the world, where would I be? and what would I be doing? 

Write down all your answers and before you know it you’ll be planning your FWT. The only advise I have is to not put it off. Plan as early as you can. 

Kevin 13’

How easy is it to get out to Boston/how would you go about getting there via public transportation and what would the commute be like both in time and energy exerted? (please answer I don't have a facebook) — Asked by Anonymous

I love going to Boston. One of my best friends lives in Cambridge. I’ve gone like 5 times this term! 

Boston is about 3 hours away. By car you can take 90 or 2 all the way there. There are buses that go from Albany to Boston. I think they take about 4 hours. I’m not sure if there is any rail service. 

Generally I think it is a pretty easy trip. If you have a car, it is super easy. By bus, you’d have to figure out how to get to Albany, but then it would’t be a problem. 

Kevin 13’ 

Are there any rideshare programs at Benny? — Asked by Anonymous

We have a Facebook group called “Bennington College Rideshare” for this very purpose!

Very well utilized, and as a car-drivin’ gal, I’m always looking for contributions for gas in exchange for a ride somewhere :)

-Leah ‘13

[Here’s a sneak preview posted by Ellie, who also wants to add that people put up posters around campus as well.]

How easy is it to get transportation to Amherst and Albany?

I’d say getting to Albany is relatively easy, there are good people on this campus who will drive you there for gas money or you can bribe them with McDonald’s and/or Crossett library paraphernalia.

Best things about FWT, so far…

I asked a couple of my friends how their FWT’s have been going and these are some snippets of the best things so far.

Ranleigh ‘13 - Architecture Firm: Barcelona, Spain

Went on a “business trip” to Cadaqués, a little fisherman’s village on a bay on the Coasta Brava with my FWT supervisor to take measurements for a house I’ll be drawing next week. She also taught me how make a traditional Tortilla Española (spanish potato omlette) and gave me a tour of the village which was a popular hang out for young artists including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró and John Cage. 

Eissa Saeed ‘12 - Paper Magazine: 5th Avenue, NYC

Seeing as I’m a music student and all, last winter I did what all good music students do and randomly took an internship in theater. :}

But not just any theater, mind you. I interned with a dramaturge at the National Hungarian Theater in Budapest. My supervisor was close friends with Tom Bogdan, one of the voice professors here, and he Hooked Me Up. 

I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with the city. I asked my friend and fellow student Forest to go with me on a whim and he gladly obliged. We had a great time exploring the city, working in the theater and marveling at how awesome our apartment was. My friend Sam came all the way from the U.S. just to visit us and we went to Vienna (we had friends doing FWT there) and Venice (because we felt like it) on the train (so cheap! so easy!) while we were abroad. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Not to mention I learned a lot about theater, how to cook food with foreign ingredients and a handful of Hungarian phrases. Yummy. 

Senior year bucket list

photo by me of commons lawn just a couple weeks ago before the first snow

So, as you may have gathered from the title of this post, I am a senior and it is absolutely terrifying. However! There are good things about being a senior. Getting to take one on one tutorials with awesome professors, concentrating really intensely on your senior work, getting a sweet single in the house you live in, basically feeling awesome because you’re the oldest people on campus (or horrible, depending on the day).

Another cool thing that some friends and I have put together are our senior year bucket lists. It’s shocking that in a few short months I will no longer be living in this gorgeous state and this wonderful little town. So to make sure I do everything I want to in my last year, this is, lovely readers, a bucket list for Bennington and the surrounding areas (some I have already done, and I am constantly adding on!)

Click through for the list! With convenient links to more information about everything! Awesome.

-India K, ‘12

Montreal is the most happening city you’ve never heard about. Breaking through the distinct cultural divide can be tough, but if your willing to give Canadians a chance you’ll have a great time!

For my long weekend, myself and a group of friends took the short 4 hour trip just north of the border to Montreal. We found ourselves lost in translation, and eventually just lost in the city.

Montreal is full of everything young college students seek; legal beer, live music, ethnic food, French women and of course the late night Poutine!

While I was in Montreal I was lucky enough to see the rock & roll sensation, The Pixies in the Metropolitan Theater. I’ve got to say it was one of the best long weekends I’ve had. If you get the chance, go to Montreal. 

Today was the first really nice day of spring so I decided to take a trip up to Manchester VT. Manchester is a really cool little New England town about 30 minuets north of Bennington. It has a lot of cafes and little shops to browse around in. My particular favorite is the Northshire Bookstore- coffee, books, an’ good old VT hippies! This was my first time going, certainly not the last. Definitely way better than doing work!