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Bathroom Review: VAPA (the one on… umm…. across from D207)

Quality bathroom. Before I elaborate on its quality I want to remind you all that Bennington Bathroom Reviews is brought to you by the Bennington Admissions Department, constantly working to make sure no lizard people sneak their way into the college ranks. As far as bathrooms go this is one. It has all the stuff. If you are having trouble finding this bathroom, simply look for its convenient tab in the hallway. There is like 2 of everything! 2 mirrors. 2 toilets. 2 wall toilets. DO NOT Clean brushes or any art supplies in these (2) sinks. There are over 2 tiles in this bathroom. The colors of this bathroom are blue and white (2 colors). Safety is included with a fire flasher in the upper wall and sprinklers for the summer. That’s about it. 

Safety: 8 out of 10
Comfort: not even
Design: 7 out of 10
Astrology Sign: Gemini 

Ain’t no thang.

-Alex BG

Can you guys post some pictures of the film studio place? Or anything related to film? :3 — Asked by Anonymous


And here you go!

(Take a look this post by my good friend Carlos from Ecuador with my words on studying film at Bennington.)

I’m so glad you asked. Let’s get into it.


Film/Video students, like myself, spend a lot of our time (maybe too much??) in the video editing studio, or, as we lovingly call it, The Cage.


Technically The Cage is where video equipment (cameras, tripods, mics, light kits, projectors…the list goes on and on) is held and rented from.image

There are multiple work stations, some with dual-monitor setups, if u want 2 get ~fancy.


Once registered for class, video students are given access to the equipment rental system and the editing studio. Weekends and late nights you can usually find me there for at least for an hour or two. 


Stop by any time and you’ll see students working on narratives, experiments, installations, documentaries, and everything in between…like animations, for instance, which have two separate studios. 


There’s also a weekly Classic & Foreign Film Series screening in our on-campus movie theater, Kinoteca. (There’s also fresh, free popcorn.) On TOP of this, there’s a consistent stream of visiting filmmakers/industry professionals. Just last week  Bryan Wendorf, co-founder of the Chicago Underground Film Festival, not only held a screening, but also critiqued student work. In short, film is alive and well and charging ahead wildly at Bennington.


^Me, happy that there’s so much interest about film, waving goodbye to you from The Cage.

          - Ben ‘14

Here’s the Pretty Picture of Bennington of the day!

This is looking North West, from VAPA. The Pond tries to be like the sky, and sky wants to become an ocean. 
Happy Friday!~Carlos ‘14

Here’s the Pretty Picture of Bennington of the day!

This is looking North West, from VAPA. The Pond tries to be like the sky, and sky wants to become an ocean. 

Happy Friday!

~Carlos ‘14


VAPA kiln rooftop sketch artist


VAPA kiln rooftop sketch artist


9” x 9” art in VAPA 

What are your visual art programs like? How would you compare them to what's offered in art schools? — Asked by Anonymous

Hello Artist!

The visual arts program here is one of the best. We have a wood shop, a metal shop, a multi-use film darkroom, a digital photo lab, several painting studios, a computer/graphic arts program (3D printer!!!!!!!), a print shop, a ceramics studio (complete with a firing kiln), a drawing studio, an architecture studio, an animation studio, a sculpture studio, and a beautiful gallery space. In addition, as a visual arts student moves up through the years, (s)he will be eligible for a personal work space.

I have many visual-arts-oriented friends here who are so grateful that they chose Bennington over a typical conservatory school. The biggest pro of studying here rather than an art school is that the student is free (and required) to study a variety of different kinds of visual arts, AND non-visual-arts subjects - providing the student with a more holistic education, while still availing them to nearly all the visual arts resources they could ever need. In addition, we hire only teacher-practitioners - meaning all of our teachers are also active in their fields outside of Bennington. This makes it so that students can consult their teachers about what it really takes to be a successful, working artist in the “real world.”

Basically, we have all the all the resources you’d find at an art school, and a program that encourages students to utilize ALL OF THEM freely, while also supplementing with non-visual-arts classes if they please.

Come visit! We’d love to show you around.

Chloe ‘16

Scenes from an Afternoon Walk

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our favorite places to study/hang out on campus. So we (Carlos T. and Tommy M.) asked around the office, went out on a photo-journalistic adventure, and decided to create a little series of photos and related anecdotes. We want to show you how the spaces at Bennington end up being used, and why we end up loving them. And so, without further ado -

~Scenes from an Afternoon Walk~


The Architecture Studio (or the place Carlos sleeps standing up).

TOMMY and CARLOS enter, walk around.

TOMMY, a rising sophomore from Cambridge MA, studies music, writing, and Japanese. He is energetic, skinny, and brown-haired.

CARLOS, a rising senior from Guayaquil, Ecuador, studies architecture, drawing, assorted visual arts, and social sciences. He is brown-haired, brown-skinned, a thinker, and a screamer.

Carlos gravitates towards his personal workspace.

Just found these on Bennington’s flikr:

Souleymane Badolo aka “Solo” (MFA fellow) teaching Contemporary African Dance I/Burkina Faso outside VAPA last spring.

Cred: Briee Della Rocca

- David ‘13

Some shots of the metal-shop, individual studio spaces, and some miscellaneous spaces in VAPA.

- jason

More artist studios and work spaces! This week it’s ceramics (part 1).

- jason

Could we get some other pictures of the studios in VAPA like the ones you just posted of the architecture studio? I love seeing artists' work spaces! c: — Asked by Anonymous

We’ll try to keep them coming (especially personal studios - those are always fascinating), but in the meantime, here are a bunch of older posts of various spaces in VAPA to momentarily sate your curiosity.


Introduction to Rhino 3D Modeling

Rhino 3D Modeling is a foundation course in Rhinoceros modeling software. Rhinoceros, used by architects, artists, and designers, is now standard software for anyone modeling three-dimensional form. As an accurate and flexible tool, Rhino provides users with workflows for solid modeling, polygonal modeling, and organic NURBS surface modeling. This course covers a broad range of modeling techniques and lays a strong foundation for continued work in 3D modeling. Students complete predefined modeling tasks, as well as create original works of their own design. The term will culminate with a final project that is fully modeled in Rhino and fabricated using laser cutting and 3D printing.

The architecture studio. Drink it in.

- jason

It’s junior review time!

This week, visual arts students in the first term of their junior year are presenting works that they have created thus far at Bennington. Each student will meet with a team of three visual arts faculty members to discuss their work and where it will go from here. A walk through the upstairs gallery of VAPA reveals work ranging from digital art to painting to architecture to ceramics, plus much more!

Above work:

Paintings and prints: Ellen Hanson

Drawings: Suzanne Porath

Architecture Drawings: Miya Chua

- Rachel ‘14

I have a few questions regarding drama at Bennington. 1. Is there any sort of audition process for students looking to focus their plan in drama? 2. Does Bennington allow applying or accepted students to sit in on a class for example an acting course. 3. Are any courses geared more towards film as opposed to stage acting. I apologize for the plethora of questions! Thanks so much. — Asked by Anonymous

Hey! I’m not a drama student but, surprisingly, I actually know the answers to all these questions, so I gotcha.

1 - Not for admission to Bennington, no. If you have footage of your acting/other drama work and want to include it in your application supplement, then that’s great, but it’s not a necessity. As far as wanting to study drama once you’ve arrived at Bennington, you will likely be auditioning on a production-by-production basis, as well as for certain advanced classes. Intro-level drama classes don’t require any auditions as far as I’m aware, so it’s easy to get your feet wet.

2 - Yeah, totally! The availability of certain classes changes depending on what day of the week it is but I’d imagine that, once the semester starts back up, there’s at least one acting class you could sit in on for any day of the week. You can always schedule a visit around classes you want to sit in on, so if you decide this is something you wanna do once classes start this year, give the Admissions Office a call at (802)-440-4312 to talk about scheduling a visit.

3 - Yes, there are definitely video/film classes. Rather than bore you with a long list of them in this answer, I’ll just link you through to the visual arts curriculum on our website, which shows a good selection of video/film courses from the past couple of years (you might have to scroll down a bunch; there are loads of visual arts courses to choose from, although they are separated by discipline).

No need to apologize! Glad I could actually answer a drama question for once!

-Evan ‘13