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8am vs. 5pm. What the hell Vermont. ❄️➡️☀️


8am vs. 5pm. What the hell Vermont. ❄️➡️☀️


The beauty we live. Great shots.


Bennington Term Two Photo Series: Part One

Because of medical reasons, I can't go skiing, and hiking is a bit of a challenge for me. I'm a bit worried that I may feel a bit left out of group trips/activities. Are there a lot of people who stay back when others go out skiing/hiking/exploring? — Asked by Anonymous

You will not be left out, I promise. Tea parties, homework/ jazz jam sessions, hanging out on the lawn, dramatic readings of children’s books in the library, concerts, performances and star gazing are all examples of activities that don’t necessarily pose a big physical investment. I’ve attached a movie made by a Bennington student about what it’s like to be here. It’s great!

Happy spring,

Sylvia M ‘16

Hi, I am a junior in High School and I looked at Bennington this past December. I really liked it and I was curious about the composition/ jazz program at Bennington. I'd really love to continue doing music, but I don't know if I'd only do music. I have many other interests, but if I really find music to be my "thing," is Bennington a good place for musical exploration? I know it's a difficult question, but pretty much, I'm curious about the music program and how it works! Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

Hello kindred spirit,

I understand. I get it. I was THERE. Actually though, I entered my time here with a huge drive to study exactly those things - jazz and composition. But I also had my interest in sculpture to fulfill. And there we have the intimidating question facing those who approach Bennington: how do I take all my “things” to make an education?

Well, you’ve already given the answer! Exploration. In my freshman year I took a variety of classes in music, visual art, and all the things in between. In the music department, I’ve moved through classes in improvisation, composition, history, and personal lessons, as well as collaborations with dance and theater. Music faculty (and all faculty, in fact) encourage study across the disciplines and within. Students are challenged to engage broadly, from classical theory to the avant garde and beyond into new questions. Take a peek at our current music curriculum and see for yourself!


^ Jennings earlier today ^

xo Sam ‘16

Are there any mountains near Bennington that are a challenging hike? Here in NJ I like to climb Mt. Tammany as a stamina training thing and I'm training to maybe possibly hopefully climb Kilimanjaro some day. — Asked by Anonymous

Jeez wow, whatta an adventurous individual! You’d definitely have some hike-hyped homies to hang with on this campus, should you so choose. The Bennington Athletic Department has lots of fun hiking related trips for those who enjoy doing that organized group type thing. The nearest mountain friend that we have is Mount Anthony, a lovely, peaked thing which towers over campus at all times. We also have a rock climbing wall in the Meyer Rec Barn on campus, which allows for lots of hike related fun between larger treks out into the great unknown. 

Happy trails!!!!!!

~Ananda ‘16~

alright hi! i'm an accepted student (hooray) and bennington is top 3 right now so that's pretty rad. anyway, just wondering if during FWT students are allowed to go home for christmas/holidays (i mean, if they aren't going home for their FWT). there might be an obvious answer but who knows (not me, clearly) — Asked by newdirt

Congratulations, friend! We’re so glad to know we’ve made it into your top 3! 

In answer to your question: Yes! Before Field Work Term begins, there is a generally two-or-so week period set aside for winter break, during which time students can relax and seek familial comfort before setting out towards the exciting work filled weeks still to come! 

Much love from VT, 

~Ananda ‘16~

I am tired of listening and saying cool things about Bennington. Tell me some hot things xD — Asked by Anonymous

we have an observatory. observatories look at stars. stars are hot.

capa is geo~thermally~ heated. hot.

the floors in merck are heated. that’s hawt. 

carlos works in admissions.


he’s hoooOOoot.


not carlos. 

Vt spring running. This is actually why I go to bennington.

This is harmon hill on the stretch of the long trail that heads south from rt 9 just outside of downtown bennington.

This could be you.

"VC" Dailey



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Even more than Tumblr’s Trending, thanks for all who started following, and hopefully you all find at least one post here that piques your interest!

Not your average librarians.
-Alan ‘15

I got accepted and Bennington would be my top choice, however my financial package is not optimal and all of my other colleges are estimating at least half of the expenses Bennington is (one is covering full tuition+books, etc.+intercontinental flights). I come from a low economic background and I can't imagine giving this burden to my family when I have easier options-- basically I just wanted to express my sadness and tell you guys you're super-awesome and I would LOVE to come next year :( — Asked by Anonymous

Don’t give up yet!

Your financial aid package isn’t final, and if it doesn’t work for you, you should get in touch with your counselor and see if you can figure something else out. Of course the financial aid office can’t guarantee anything, but they’ll do their best to help.

— sarah ‘14

Are there any heroin problems at the college, or just in the town of Bennington? — Asked by Anonymous

From being on campus and talking with Campus Safety officers I can pretty assuredly say no. Like any campus, there are drugs, however unlike other campuses you will never feel pressure to drink or smoke and they aren’t necessary to have a good time or fit in with the social scene here on campus. 

Our Campus Safety Officers are beautiful people who really care about our safety and are available 24/7 365 days a year. Part of this is working to keep drugs like heroine, cocaine etc. off our campus.

Additionally, students have recently formed the Bennington Substance Support group on campus. This club is focused on creating productive dialogue on drugs and alcohol and creating healthy sober spaces. 

In all honesty, the most prevalent addictions on campus are probably nicotine, caffeine and work. 

On the issue of heroin in town, here is a response to the New York Times article by students of Mount Anthony High School here in Bennington. 

Arden J. ‘16

I'm having an awful time deciding between colleges, I've narrowed it down to two (Bennington and St. Johns Annapolis). I know I'll get an amazing education at either, but now I want to know more about the student life at each place, because that's the part that will influence who I am as a person. What is it about Bennington that makes it and its students special, and what can I find at Bennington that makes it like no other place on earth? — Asked by Anonymous

Hi there!

I, too, was deciding between Bennington and St. John’s (Santa Fe campus was my preference — I’m a mountain gal). What makes this place like no other place on Earth? That, I think, depends on you: you,also, are like no other person on Earth. And this place is designed to help you move through the continuous process of self-reflection and inquisition that is entirely unique to yourself. My experience of this place has been formed hugely by the people I have met here — by their open-mindedness, their support and friendship, their uninhibited sense of play and curiosity, and their powerful determination. For me, being snug in the narrow valley up here and watching the seasons unfold and the stars come out is also a major part of it. 

It’s true — you will get an amazing education no matter what, so long as you make it yours, make it what you love, make it come to life. And you, in the end, are the one who will make that happen.

I hope that helps!

Sylvia M ‘16

Hello Bennington Admissions interns! :D I've had a question that's been bugging me about Bennington. I know Bennington's transfer out/in rate is very high, and I do really want to make sure attending Bennington is the right choice for me. So, what are some of the reasons people leave Bennington for? — Asked by Anonymous

Hi, asker of good and difficult questions!

Well… This is a question we get on tour quite a bit. And it’s a hard one to deconstruct, because there are as many reasons to transfer as there are students who transfer (shifting financial capacities, home life, health, academic structure, a need to travel the world in a hot-air balloon, and all sorts of other things can inspire a person to take time off). My personal philosophy and the philosophy of the institution are in perfect agreement when we say: any person who has been a student here, for however long they were here, is an alum. To be a student at Bennington is to be constantly asking yourself  what is it that you truly love, what are you actually about, and why? Part of being a Bennington student is allowing yourself to follow the fruit of that self-reflection wherever it may lead, whether that path is on campus or not.  In the same way, many students here who have transferred in also have come here through a similar process of self-reflection — they found that what they were most inspired by could be best explored here on campus.

Is this the right choice for you? When I was looking at colleges I found it helpful to imagine my choices not so much as which institution I wanted (that angle wasn’t helpful — they were all great), but which version of me I wanted to become. I could imagine myself following a very different path at each college, and how I would grow and change and the kind of woman I might become at each place. In the end, only you can know, and maybe a visit will help? Also, feel free to e-mail me to talk more about it if you like. (that’s I wish you the best of luck!

Happy April,

Sylvia M ‘16

Can you please explain to me how the health insurance works at Bennington? I have read all the info in the webpage but it does not mention anything about the cost or whether it is different for int. students. I am trying to give my family a number of what exactly they would be expected to contribute but I cant because I do not know about the health insurance since it is not mentioned in the financial aid worksheet. Please help me. — Asked by Anonymous

Okay so — I know how stressful figuring out money stuff is, but you should know that the school is totally all about helping you find a way to make it all work. As an international student (from Pakistan), I use the Bollinger insurance we get through the school, and pay $688 a term in addition to what I pay for tuition and all that. In my experience, Bennington goes out of its way to accommodate international students and the situation is usually not as dire as it seems.

Nick Forcier (, who handles all the international applications, will be happy to walk you through the process and see if we can’t wrangle a way to make it easier.

Let us know if you have any more questions!

— sarah ‘14

I just heard back from Bennington and I am so happy, I just wanted to let you know that this blog was incredibly helpful in my college search. I know about Bennington more than any other school and I am sure it is the best fit for me. Thanks a lot !! :) Greetings from El Salvador! — Asked by Anonymous

Congratulations, new friend! So glad to know that we could play a part in helping you feel confident in your decision. Time to dance around your house in excitement like these ladies! Ya did it!


~ Ananda ‘16 ~